U.S. Energy Policy: The Future of Nuclear Power

Hon. Dan Brouillette, Deputy Secretary of Energy

On July 16th, the ACCF hosted an Economic Policy Evening “U.S. Energy Policy: Resurrecting Nuclear Power.”

The Honorable Dan Brouillette, Deputy Secretary of Energy headlined the event.  Joining him were Dr. Rita Baranwal, Assistant Secretary of Nuclear Energy, and Representatives Garrett Graves (R-LA) and Randy Weber (R-TX).  Past predecessors of Secretary Brouillette and former DOE officials were also in attendance as were many representatives from the energy industry.

Members of the media included Kelsey Brugger, Reporter, E&E News; Zack Colman, Energy & Environment Reporter, Politico; Miranda Green, Energy & Environment Reporter, The Hill; Amy Harder, Energy Reporter, AXIOS; Emily Holden, Environment Reporter, The Guardian US; Timothy “Tim” Puko, Energy Reporter, The Wall Street Journal; and Jackie Toth, Reporter, Morning Consult.