2013 Annual Report

President’s Message:
Meeting Our Nation’s Challenges with Pro-Growth Solutions

Sound policymaking was blocked by partisan gridlock and a government shutdown in 2013, but a surprise budget deal at the end of the year showed that bipartisanship lives, giving hope in a new year that real solutions will emerge to grow the U.S. economy and jobs and cut federal deficits. Policies to promote capital formation are needed today more than ever before.

Mark Bloomfield Head Shot - Apr 2011_web squareChallenges continue and dysfunction remains a threat, especially in the context of the midterm elections in November. The clarion call to address “income inequality” has become the new political reality that could have serious ramifications for all aspects of U.S. economic policy. President Obama calls it “the defining challenge of our time.” The investor and business community must take this challenge seriously or face the consequences. The ACCF will continue advocacy for pro-growth tax and economic policies to allow free markets to allocate resources, guide investment decisions and increase living standards for all.

We offer our 2013 annual report as a chronicle of the unique niche the ACCF occupies in helping shape U.S. economic policy.
Today, as last year, there is an overriding need for US economic policy to grow the economy and jobs in the context of the ever-present danger of long-term, unsustainable government deficits. The most positive changes in the past year occurred in the energy sector, with a surge in oil and gas production and in refined product exports. This boom strengthened U.S. GDP and job growth. As the saying goes, a rising tide lifts all boats, and this continued growth will benefit capital formation, free markets and trade. The ACCF played a key role in advocating free trade, particularly by encouraging the U.S. Department of Energy to accelerate its approval of applications to export liquefied natural gas.

The ACCF is widely regarded for its contributions to U.S. economic policy. We have never wavered in the belief that strong capital formation is essential for job creation, a high standard of living, economic growth and competitiveness in the global economy, but we understand the realities of the economic policymaking process.

With three decades of recognized leadership and influence in U.S. economic policy, the ACCF interacts on a daily basis with policymakers, the media and interest groups on issues of importance to the business community and the U.S. economy. We are uniquely able to play this role because of our bipartisan credibility with Members of Congress, from Tea Party Republicans to Progressive Democrats and the White House. Our highly respected research and analysis is impactful on legislative and regulatory initiatives, and we have earned respect in the media with editorialists, pundits, columnists and beat reporters.

The ACCF is committed to its three decade mission—pro-growth tax, economic, trade and energy polices are the key to our economic prosperity. With your support, we will continue to be at the forefront to tackle our country’s economic challenges.


Mark Bloomfield

Mark Bloomfield
President and Chief Executive Officer


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