ACCF Congratulates Newly Appointed House Ways and Means Chairman Sandy Levin

American Council for Capital Formation President Mark Bloomfield congratulates Congressman Sandy Levin on becoming the new Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, one of the oldest Committees of the Congress with the probably the greatest jurisdiction over economic policy:

“Chairman Sandy Levin is a progressive income tax man. His intellect is unparalleled on the committee, his legislative acumen is second to none and his almost four decades of public service is invaluable.

“Chairman Levin assumes the mantel of the Committee, at a time when US tax policy is at a crossroads. Our current tax regime is broken and cannot meet the political and economic demands put on it. We need a fair tax system and one that can meet the demands of an American economy in crisis and the demands of a very competitive global economy.

“I always remember his courtesy, his thoughtful and his penetrating but fair questions when I have testified Ways and Means Committee. We need to have a fundamental debate about the essence of US tax policy and although the Chairman and I differ on fundamentals of US tax policy–progressive income tax vs consumption tax–I know under his leadership we will have an informed and fruitful debate with the country ending up being the winner.”

For more than three decades, Mark Bloomfield has appeared multiple times before the Ways and Means Committee as an invited witness; he is the editor of several books on US tax policy including “The Consumption Tax: A better Alternative” and is President and CEO of the American Council for Capital Formation an economic policy business group dedicated to encouraging economic growth through sound tax and regulatory policies. Bloomfield is also a visiting professor at Georgetown university, see his bio here:

Mark Bloomfield is available for interview. Contact Mike Burita at 202.420.9361 or [email protected]