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Margo Thorning
Dr. Margo Thorning has frequently testified as an expert witness on capital formation, tax, energy and environmental policies before multiple U.S. congressional committees. She has also traveled coast to coast to present findings to state and local lawmakers, business organizations and the media on the economic impact of climate change policies on local job and economic growth.

Chinese, Alaskan officials sign LNG project development agreement

Published in Oil & Gas Journal

If the gas pipeline is built and the LNG export infrastructure is put in place, it will be a much needed boost for the slumping Alaskan economy

GUEST COMMENTARY: Amid low crude prices, tax policy matters more than ever

Even amid low crude oil prices and a difficult market, the oil industry employs 10 million Americans and serves as a pivotal engine for economic growth. We simply can’t afford to let bad policy — in Alaska or anywhere else — add to the challenges faced by one of our nation’s most important job creators.

Don’t sanction Americans for Russia’s misdeeds

Published in The Hill

Congress has every right to impose economic sanctions to protect America's geopolitical interests. But any sanctions that expand Directive 4 would strengthen the Putin regime at the expense of American workers.

Tax reform can level the playing field in the energy market

Published in Washington Examiner

In the days, weeks and months ahead, policymakers should maintain their focus on permanent, comprehensive tax reform and remain committed to ensuring that no sectors of the economy are singled out for unfair treatment.

Congress should take the lead on our nation’s energy policies

Published in The Hill

As the year comes to a close, the debate over LNG exports and modernizing out energy policy is at a tipping point. Before the 114th Congress comes to a close, we encourage lawmakers to reconcile differences and send a final energy bill to the president for signing that includes overdue reforms to the DOE review process for LNG export licenses.

Op-Ed: Liquefied natural gas exports signal a new era of US energy

Published in The Hill

The next few months will mark a significant time in the history of America’s complex bond with natural gas.

THE GLOBAL RACE FOR LIQUEFIED NATURAL GAS: Commercializing Alaska’s Natural Gas

INTRODUCTION Alaska’s prospect for short and long-term economic growth is in jeopardy, as efforts to unlock the full potential of the state’s energy resources have...

The Economic Case for Lifting the Crude Oil Exports Ban

INTRODUCTION Oil and natural gas development in the United States is expanding at record levels. In the last week of February 2015, the U.S. produced...

Testimony: The U.S. Intended Nationally Determined Contribution to the United Nations Framework Convention on...

The U.S. Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) raises many questions related to international commitments and concerns over the impact on the U.S. economy. Cost/benefit analysis should guide any policy related to climate change.

Special Report: Setting the Record Straight on LNG Exports

With broad bipartisan support for increased exports and the clock ticking as other nation’s LNG projects advance to fill the need for energy resources around the world, it is time for federal regulators to remove red tape preventing the construction of U.S. LNG export terminals.

Op-Ed: Divestment is a Distraction to Better Policies

Published in Inside Sources Environmentalists from all over the country gathered last month in New York to witness the United Nations’ summit on climate change....

Oil Industry Profitability, Investment and Tax Policy: What are the Facts?

Background: A recent article by Daniel Weiss of the Center for American Progress tries to make the case that because the net income of large,...

Testimony: Pro-Growth Energy Tax Reform

Pro-Growth Energy Tax Reform: Testimony by Margo Thorning, Ph.D. Before the Senate Committee on Finance Subcommittee on Energy, Natural Resources and Infrastructure