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Energy & Climate

Infrastructure spending as an economic stimulus requires a NEPA fix, too

The Hill
if we as a nation are going to look to infrastructure development as a means to stimulate the economy, we must make sure we address a major impediment to infrastructure spending that has nothing to do with this new viral threat – the outdated National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

ACCF Joins Coalition Urging DOE Innovation

Chairwoman Marcy Kaptur Energy and Water Development Subcommittee House Committee on Appropriations 2186 Rayburn House Office Building Washington, D.C. 20515 Chairman Lamar Alexander Energy and Water Development Subcommittee...

ACCF files comments on NEPA with Council on Environmental Quality

Chairman Mary Neumayr Council on Environmental Quality 730 Jackson Place, NW Washington, DC 20503 March 9, 2020 Re: CEQ NEPA Regulations, Docket No. CEQ-2019-0003 Dear Chairman Neumayr: The American Council...

ACCF Joins Coalition in Support of American Energy Innovation Act

TO THE MEMBERS OF THE UNITED STATES SENATE: We are writing to urge you to support S. 2657, the “American Energy Innovation Act.” Our diverse organizations...

Op-Ed: NEPA needs its State of the Union moment

The Hill
At the State of the Union address this evening, President Trump will have no shortage of pressing domestic and international issues to mention. From...

Energy Industry Experts Join ACCF

The American Council for Capital Formation proudly announces the latest additions to its leadership team of policy experts. Kyle Isakower joins the American Council for...

The Future of the U.S. Energy Landscape with Secretary of the...

On January 7, the ACCF hosted an Economic Policy Salon on "The Future of the U.S. Energy Landscape," featuring Secretary of the Interior David...

ACCF Joins Coalition Urging Senate Action on Energy and Climate Technology,...

there is a growing consensus that the development and commercialization of new technologies are an important factor that will determine how quickly and at what cost greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced.

ACCF Applauds Establishment of U.S. Nuclear Fuel Working Group

The ACCF joins business community leaders, former public officials, and members of the foreign policy and national security communities in applauding President Trump's establishment of the United States Nuclear Fuel Working Group.

Voters want to tackle climate change — but not at expense...

The Hill
People are concerned about climate change but have other more pressing issues on their mind as the election heats up. When climate change is the focus, they do not want to pay more, nor do they trust politicians to tackle the issue.

ACCF on President Trump’s Environment Initiatives

Environmental stewardship can go hand in hand with sound, pro-growth energy policy.

President Trump Can Take Additional Steps to Maximize Natural Gas Benefits

Real Clear Energy
President Trump recently signed executive orders that marked an important step forward in letting market forces transform energy production while also reducing carbon emissions. To fully succeed in this effort, the President should reject policies that are inconsistent with the goals of the executive orders.

Finding a Bipartisan National Consensus on Climate Policy

On May 9th, the ACCF hosted an Economic Policy Evening, "Finding a Bipartisan National Consensus on Climate Policy" with leading congressional members on energy issues...

ACCF Hosts Conversation with FERC Chairman Neil Chatterjee

The ACCF hosts a conversation with FERC Chairman Neil Chatterjee

Statement on President Trump’s Executive Order on Energy & Infrastructure

ACCF calls new order "“A valuable contribution to the nation's manufacturing and trade policymaking."

The Call for a National Strategy on Climate and Energy Innovation

Morning Consult
Drew Bond says it's time for a National Strategy on Climate and Energy Innovation