Tax Policy

Tax Policy

Too early to get combative in tax reform debate

Published in The Hill

Stakeholders on all sides of this debate would do well to dial back the intensity and acrimony, and to instead engage in a more collaborative manner in hopes of ensuring that the package produced by the House GOP is as good as it can be. Let's work together to avoid blowing up this year's tax reform push before it's off the ground.

Tax reform, above all else, will secure our economic future

Originally published in The Hill.

As national leaders move forward with plans to revitalize the U.S. economy, no single issue has more promise to unleash America's potential than comprehensive tax reform. Our tax code is significantly dated. Taxes, especially on the business side, are too high and unnecessarily complicated. The cumbersome tax system stifles economic growth and restricts our ability to create jobs. That is why the American Council for Capital Formation has developed a broad set of policy recommendations to streamline the tax code to make it simpler, fairer and more oriented toward the formation of capital.

ACCF Forum with Ways & Means Chairman Kevin Brady

On February 14, the American Council for Capital Formation hosted a forum on tax reform with U.S. House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady (R-TX). Chairman Brady shared his perspective on the upcoming debate over tax reform before a capacity crowd of Washington business and trade association leaders, nonprofit groups and the media.

ACCF Panel: Weighing Implications of a Border Tax Adjustment

On February 8, The American Council for Capital Formation Center for Policy Research hosted a forum on “Understanding the Potential Impacts of Border Tax...

February 8 Panel Discussion: Understanding Potential Impacts of Border Tax Adjustments

The American Council for Capital Formation Center for Policy Research will host a forum on “Understanding the Potential Impacts of Border Tax Adjustments” to explore the theoretical aspects and potential economic impact of increased taxes on imports, as well as a look at how the potential real world implications could work for different industries.

Trump and Mnuchin can turn the page to new tax policy

Published in The Hill

With a new year, a new Congress and a new president, we now have the chance to turn the page on outdated tax policy and start a new chapter for the American economy.

3 reasons we’ll get tax reform in 2017

Published in The Hill

ACCF President & CEO Mark Bloomfield lays out his three reasons we'll get tax reform in 2017.

Op-Ed: We can’t let tax extenders obstruct comprehensive reform

Published in The Hill

Congress should shelve tax extenders until after Jan. 20, and work with the Trump White House to finally complete a comprehensive tax reform package.

Corporate tax reform is vital to boosting America’s growth

Published in Financial Times

Few things are as important in the quest for economic growth and increased standards of living as capital formation. Delayed business investment is harmful to the US.

When shaping tax reform, let’s not single out oil and gas...

Published in The Hill

Certain industries get special attention because of their importance to the U.S. economy. The energy industry is one of them.

What Will Really Fix America’s Unfair Tax System

Published in Fortune

A lower, fairer, uniformly applied rate will spur growth, and encourage American investment right here at home. No better way to discourage corporate inversions.

IRS Data: Strong Markets Bolstered Capital Gains in 2014

Published in Bloomberg BNA

IRS Data: Strong Markets Bolstered Capital Gains in 2014

Published in Bloomberg BNA

May 27 — Net capital gains swelled 34.4 percent in 2014, according to preliminary data from individual tax returns.

Serious tax reform will address America’s investment crisis

Published in The Hill

The Treasury Department issued its third and most stringent set of regulations aimed at curbing corporate inversions...

ACCF Engages on Tax Reform

On April 15th, 2016, the ACCF hosted House Ways & Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady (R-TX) for a discussion with Washington business leaders on...

“Conservative” folly: How the carbon tax undermines GOP climate policy

Published in The Hill

Most observers would assume that the biggest impediment to creating a comfort zone for the GOP on energy and climate policy would be the climate skeptic or denier, as many far left environmentalists would say. Surprisingly, this isn’t the case.