Tax Policy - Research & Publications

Tax Policy - Research & Publications

Report: Tax Reform and Clean Energy R&D

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Brady-Ryan tax reform plan proposed last summer would decrease taxes on corporate profits and investment income, while preserving the existing credits for...

Prioritizing Tax and Regulatory Improvement in 2017

As the attention of the nation and world leaders turn to Washington, D.C. to see what issues the new 115th Congress and administration of President Donald Trump are championing in 2017, the American Council for Capital Formation and its affiliated Center for Policy Research have developed a broad set of policy recommendations on tax reform and improvements to the federal regulatory process, particularly in the energy, environment, and financial services spaces, to guide and focus discussions both on Capitol Hill and downtown. Read the full memo.

Capital Formation 101

Introduction by Mark Bloomfield, ACCF President and CEO

Special Report: How Will Alternative Tax Reform Plans Impact Business Investment...

As the debate about how to reform the federal tax code continues, the ACCF presents this Special Report summarizing the finding of a new ACCF/ Ernst & Young report analyzing how two alternative reform plans will impact the cost of capital for new investment in the U.S.

Oil Industry Profitability, Investment and Tax Policy: What are the Facts?

Background: A recent article by Daniel Weiss of the Center for American Progress tries to make the case that because the net income of large,...

Switching to a Consumption-Based Tax from the Current Income Tax

Executive Summary For the last five years, the U.S. economy has struggled with high unemployment and anemic growth. Despite recent improvements, the national unemployment rate...

Many Taxpayers Will Be Affected if Dividend Tax Rates Rise: Results...

As the debate about how to resolve pressing budget and tax issues continues, policymakers must confront a host of decisions. One of the key issues to decide is the fate of the tax rates on income, dividends and capital gains which were enacted during the 2001-2005 period. The ACCF presents this Special Report to help policymakers, the public and the media understand the short and long run consequences of raising tax rates on dividends.

Update: State and Federal Individual Capital Gains Tax Rates – How...

As the debate on federal tax reform continues, the ACCF Center for Policy Research (CPR) presents this Special Report to further the debate and highlight the effect of increased federal tax rates on long-term individual capital gains tax rates when both the federal, state and, in some cases, local tax rates are combined.

Capital Gains Taxation and Entrepreneurship

By Dr. William Gentry

The taxation of capital gains is a perennial issue in tax policy. One critical aspect for understanding the overall effects of capital gains taxation is how these taxes affect entrepreneurs. While many analyses focus on the disincentive effects created by capital gains taxes for investors in large corporations, these disincentives may be even more important for entrepreneurs.