ACCF-CPR Annual Report


For four decades, the American Council for Capital Formation Center for Policy Research (ACCF-CPR) has brought together academics, policymakers, business executives, and members of the press to make the intellectual case for pro-growth approaches in economic, energy, environment, regulatory, tax, and trade policies.

Credibility is probably one of the most important assets in this highly partisan and polarized climate in Washington, D.C.—both political and public policy credibility. Here at ACCF-CPR we believe that we uniquely offer that credibility with our primary focus on: 1) Authoritative Research; 2) Bipartisan Advocacy; and 3) Media Credibility.

While a populist surge fueled the 2016 election, sound economic research must still be the basis on which policymakers enact change. The ACCF-CPR is a respected nonprofit organization that has delivered credible studies this past year focusing on nuclear energy, President Obama’s energy legacy, capital formation, the Renewable Fuel Standard, and U.S. trade policies.

In addition to our studies, ACCF-CPR hosted Chairman Kevin Brady (R-TX) for a
discussion on the state of tax reform. And following the presidential election, hosted a Capitol Hill roundtable discussion on improving the federal regulatory system with Senators James Lankford (R-OK), Angus King (I-ME), and Mike Rounds (R-SD), followed by a reception featuring Chairman Ron Johnson (R-WI).

In 2016, we also hosted numerous Economic Policy Evenings. These signature dinner events brought together small bipartisan groups of Congress, prominent journalists, and the business community for off-the-record discussions on economic policy issues.

We offer our 2016 annual report as a chronicle of the unique niche that the ACCF-CPR occupies. We stand ready to be a credible leader on economic policy in the new administration and Congress.


Mark Bloomfield
President & CEO
American Council for Capital Formation Center for Policy Research
January 2017

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