Gas Exports Will Promote Increased Exploration, Landrieu Argues

Published in CQ Roll Call

By Randy Leonard

Landrieu Eyes Whitfeld-Manchin Bill. Count Sen. Mary Landrieu as a definite maybe on the Whitfield-Manchin bill, which would limit EPA from mandating the use of unproven technology to control GHG from power plants. (The House Energy and Power Subcommittee will review the measure next Thursday).

“I am very sensitive to Sen. Manchin’s position,” she said Thursday at an LNG event Thursday hosted by American Council for Capital Formation. “I’m very sensitive to the job issue for him.”

Landrieu said GHG regulations should be eased into. “The idea is not to put anybody out of business overnight,” she said.

On LNG, Landrieu argued that higher domestic prices resulting from more exports would bolster demand – and ultimately more production.

“As a senator, I represent both sides of this argument,” she said. “Not only is Louisiana a major producer of gas, we’re a major consumer of gas.” CQRC’s Randy Leonard has more on the event.

While congressional sentiment tilts in favor of exports, major gas-consuming companies continue to urge regulators to use caution.

The Industrial Energy Consumers of America complained yesterday that DOE’s recent assurancesto use its powers to reconsider export licenses only under limited circumstances run contrary to the “public interest” test required by law.

“It appears to us that the LNG export approval and rescinding process, and everything in between, is set up to make it extraordinarily prohibitive and expensive for consumers to be heard,” the group wrote to Moniz