Letters to Editor: Exporting liquefied natural gas

Published in Denver Post

I am in full agreement with your editorial; speeding up liquefied natural gas exports to Europe and Asia is in America’s best interests. More than 20 applications are stalled at the Department of Energy — the longest for over 800 days for no reason other than bureaucratic delay. And only one of the six “approved” applications has been fully permitted.

Well before the Ukraine crisis, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle wrote to the Department of Energy, urging expediency on exports. Action now is the only way to ensure that we as a nation have all diplomatic and economic tools at our disposal in years to come. The Obama administration is holding back this great opportunity for economic growth and leadership on energy exports.

Margo ThorningWashington D.C.

The writer is senior vice president and chief economist for the American Council for Capital Formation.