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    Lift oil export ban before ‘day of reckoning’

    Four decades have passed since the oil crisis of 1973, when OPEC’s embargo generated long gas lines and high tensions here in the U.S. In response to this predicament, Congress enacted the Energy Policy and Conservation Act of 1975 (EPCA), which made it illegal to export U.S. crude oil except in certain limited circumstances. In […]

  • Inside-Sources
    Divestment is a Distraction to Better Policies

    Environmentalists from all over the country gathered last month in New York to witness the United Nations’ summit on climate change. In the midst of the anticipation, one thing has become clear: in order to find the most effective strategies for change, leaders must sift through the commotion and the often misguided rhetoric that has […]

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    Time to fire up boiler$, put cheaper fuel in pipeline

    Winter is coming. Northeasterners are bracing for what promises to be another brutally cold winter with below-average temperatures. This will be especially problematic with high home heating bills as a result of the region’s excessive energy costs. New England continues to suffer from extraordinarily high energy prices that exceed the rest of the nation, with […]

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    Remember FDR’s Trade Legacy

    With reauthorization for the Export-Import Bank still pending and the Trans-Pacific Partnership a distant hope, one economist calls on history as a model.

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