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    USA Today Viewpoint: Trump’s Instincts on Russia Are Correct

    As America allied with the Soviet Union to defeat Nazi Germany, Washington should seek similar cooperation with Moscow to defeat ISIL.

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    Cash pool issues still abound under Treasury’s final debt-equity tax regs

    “If a company is making a distribution like a dividend and it follows with a debt arrangement … it still could be characterized as equity rather than debt,” said Pinar Cebi Wilber, a senior economist at the American Council for Capital Formation. Wilber said “72 months is a lifetime in this environment. Everything changes so quickly, so they have to be very vigilant with the documentation.”

  • Hillary Clinton
    Clinton Misses Point of Trump’s Tweet on China’s Climate “Hoax”

    During the first presidential debate, Hillary Clinton accused Donald Trump of thinking “climate change is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese.” The real estate mogul denied ever making the statement. Referencing a 2012 tweet from Trump, Clinton surrogates and environmental activists quickly unleashed a storm of ridicule, smugly asking whether Trump actually believes climate change […]

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    American University Kogod Business School: ACCF on “Best Ideas to Grow the Economy”

    ACCF President Mark Bloomfield is featured in a new report from American University’s Kogod Business School titled, “Best Ideas to Grow the Economy,” which offers 50 recommendations from Fortune 500 CEOs, small business owners, startup founders, state and local government officials and thought leaders from across the country. Despite the U.S. job market nearing full […]

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