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    Special Report: U.S. Coal Plant Financing Policy – A Threat To Long-Term U.S. Interests In The Developing World

    Current U.S. policy—backed by a number of European countries—places unrealistic conditions on power generation projects in developing countries. As a result, other nations, some of which openly seek to displace U.S. influence, are moving to fill the gap, putting at risk long-term U.S. interests.

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    John Whitehead, a remarkable man

    The Hill is the magazine of and about Congress, but perhaps the story of a man who made his mark outside of Washington could provide an instructive perspective for those who serve inside Washington. Integrity, generosity and passion defined John Whitehead. He was an investment banker, public servant and philanthropist, who recently passed away at […]

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    Op-Ed: Trade Policy Is Low-Hanging Fruit for a Bipartisan Win

    To remain viable in the eyes of a very dissatisfied electorate, Congress and Obama must chalk up a bipartisan win. As a low-hanging fruit that has enjoyed across the aisle support in the past, TPA may be just the ticket to an economic victory domestically and globally.

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    On Capital Gains, Obama is no Ronald Reagan

    President Obama can draw a line in the sand on capital gains rates, or he could take one step over it and be in the good company of his predecessors, like Reagan, JFK and FDR who realized their importance to the economy and found common ground.

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