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    Special Report: Trade Promotion Authority – American Economy & Trade

    The President’s 2014 Trade Policy Agenda stresses the critical role of trade and investment in the Administration’s strategy to create jobs, promote growth and strengthen the middle class. However, Congress has failed to grant Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) to the Executive Branch since the last one expired on July 1, 2007. This special report discusses […]

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    How Washington Whittles Away Property Rights

    Property rights and the rule of law are essential foundations for a vibrant economy. When they are threatened, or uncertain, the result is inefficiency, rent-seeking, a larger underground economy and capital flight. Unfortunately, individual rights to capital, land and the fruits of one’s labor are threatened—in many cases redistributed from creditors to debtors, from those […]

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    Tax Reform and Your Small Business

    Every couple of years utterances of the implementation of a flat tax emerge. In fact, in a tax seminar during the early 1990s, a well-revered speaker made one of those mark-my-words predictions that the flat tax would be operational within the next few years. Twenty four years later, there’s no flat tax. In fact, our […]

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    Jordan Cove next in line for federal consideration

    COOS BAY — The Jordan Cove Energy Project is nudging the Bay Area toward preparation, since the LNG export terminal is approaching a major federal milestone. Jordan Cove public affairs director Michael Hinrichs repeated himself throughout the Oregon Employer Council South Coast’s meeting Tuesday morning, emphasizing communitywide planning every time. “If you prepare and it […]

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