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    Mistrust: Lawmakers decry Obama sidelining them on climate deal

    Margo Thorning, president and chief economist with the conservative American Council for Capital Formation, said power plant rules, the Clean Power Plan and other emission rules will not be enough to meet the 26-28 percent in emission reductions to which the U.S. has committed. It will therefore take even broader cuts across every industry, which Thorning doubts any president could achieve, and no Republican would attempt.

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    New report says greater regulation will be necessary to meet US climate targets

    A new report claims that further stringent regulation will be necessary in the US manufacturing sector if the country is to meet its emissions reduction targets. The report from the American Council for Capital Formation, called ‘Success of US Climate Pledge Depends on Future GHG Regulation of US Industry, Other Sectors’ states that the US will have to ‘saddle US manufacturing with stringent GHG reduction targets that will likely harm jobs and economic growth’ if it is to meet pledged international targets.

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    Op-Ed: Banks: Ethanol is a bad deal for Vermont

    Even though Vermont may not be considered a “corn state” like Iowa or Indiana, federal mandates that continue to force billions of gallons of ethanol to be blended into the nation’s fuel supply each year have had a demonstrable and deleterious impact on Vermont’s economy and its environment.

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    Models for Kevin Brady on Leading the House Ways and Means Committee

    What kind of chairman will Rep. Kevin Brady (R., Tex.) be of the House Committee on Ways and Means? His predecessors offer dozens of models.

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