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  • microsoft_060915getty
    Apple and Microsoft might be new poster children for tax reform

    This month’s big news for tech addicts was the unveiling of the next generation iPhone 7. Apple hopes that, like earlier updates, this will be another success for its bottom line. However, no new success comes without a headache. For Apple, that may mean more money stashed overseas and the increased risk of facing the […]

  • 379657
    Trump’s Foreign Policy Will Be Proven Right

    Many of Donald Trump’s comments on foreign relations have left experts and former policymakers scratching their heads, and, in some cases, hostile to his candidacy for president. Case in point are the 50 former foreign policy officials from Republican administrations who last month announced they wouldn’t vote for Trump because he has “demonstrated repeatedly that […]

  • Wall Street Journal
    Why a Price on Carbon Is Unlikely in the U.S. Anytime Soon

    George David Banks cites a number of obstacles, starting with GOP opposition in Congress The chatter among policy makers and market observers is getting louder: A formal price on carbon is imminent. Analysts point to the Paris climate agreement as generating momentum for global climate mitigation. They also say that a more-liberal U.S. Supreme Court […]

  • financial_times
    Corporate tax reform is vital to boosting America’s growth

    ACCF Scholar Robert Gordon on the importance of capital formation to our economic recovery.

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