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  • tax_getty
    4 surprises for tax day

    As the deadline to file federal (and many state) taxes approaches, here are four surprises to consider: 1. Taxes are not a big concern for the American worker. Earlier this year, the Pew Research Center asked people about their “top priorities” for the White House and lawmakers. Seventy-five percent said the economy, while the same percentage said terrorism. […]

  • carbon-tax
    “Conservative” folly: How the carbon tax undermines GOP climate policy

    Most observers would assume that the biggest impediment to creating a comfort zone for the GOP on energy and climate policy would be the climate skeptic or denier, as many far left environmentalists would say.  Surprisingly, this isn’t the case. In reality – and quite ironically, the most significant hurdle to creating a constructive approach […]

  • Obamas Paid 20.4% In Taxes On $481,098 Of Income In 2013
    This Is the Fairest Way to Tax America

    FORTUNE INSIDERS There’s a better way beyond taxing workers’ paychecks. The tax deadline is upon taxpayers this week. Our insufferable forms and surrender of hard earned money to the U.S. Treasury causes one to think that there’s got to be a better way. The hope of tax reform springs eternal; it won’t happen this year […]

  • Models of high speed trains are seen during the China High Speed Railway on Fast Track exhibition in Jakarta
    Nash and Banks: Quality infrastructure requires sound planning

    Infrastructure is the key to Asia’s future: energy systems to provide consistent, affordable power to factories, sprawling urban centers and flickering countryside villages; better schools to educate children and young adults; wider roads that lead commuters to shiny new office buildings; and better ports to move manufactured goods across borders. The International Energy Agency estimates […]

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