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    Banks: Trump Russia memo as fake as play money you buy at a toy store, former CIA analyst says

    “As a former CIA analyst, I can say with complete confidence … that those leaked memos are as fake as the play money you would buy at a toy store,” George David Banks said in an interview with “Power Lunch” on Wednesday.

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    Trump Administration Offers an Opportunity to Correct Course on Energy Policy

    Now that the dust has settled on one of the most contentious presidential elections in recent history, it’s time to take stock of the direction President-elect Donald Trump will move the country on energy and environmental policy. The current administration has talked a lot about an “all of the above” energy strategy, but the truth […]

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    ACCF Encourages U.S. House to Support Energy Bill and Improvement of LNG Project Review

    ACCF President and CEO Mark Bloomfield issued a letter to House Republicans encouraging them to support passage of the energy bill and language to improve DOE’s process for reviewing LNG export projects.  The Senate version of the Energy Policy Modernization Act (EPMA) includes important improvements to the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) procedures for reviewing […]

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    Congress should take the lead on our nation’s energy policies

    By Dr. Margo Thorning Almost a year ago, Congress made history by lifting the ban on crude oil exports – an archaic provision in the law that stifled America’s ability to become global energy leader. Now, Congress has the opportunity to make history once more by refocusing on long overdue items in the final days […]

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