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    Special Report: Setting the Record Straight on LNG Exports

    A myths vs facts overview that counter claims made by opponents of liquefied natural gas exports.

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    Margo Thorning on The Jim Bohannon Radio Show

    On the nationally syndicated Jim Bohannon Radio Show, Dr. Margo Thorning reviews the history behind the 1970s era ban on crude oil exports from the U.S. Thorning notes that today, gasoline and other refined product exports have increased by over 200 percent since 2000, to more than 2.7 million barrels per day. Unfortunately, crude oil […]

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    Mark Bloomfield: Six Lessons on Tax Reform Past

    Mark Bloomfield offers thoughts on tax reform, income inequality and more.

  • piketty_capital
    Piketty on the 2014 ballot?

    Election 2014 is upon us; all eyes are on targeted races around the country and the balance of power in Washington. One young French economist may shape outcomes on Nov. 4 and beyond more than any other candidate: Thomas Piketty. Since earlier this year, Piketty has made tremendous waves as a critic of free markets […]

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