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    Thorning Talks Inversion and Tax Policy on WOSU in Columbus

    On September 23rd, Dr. Margo Thorning was a featured guest on the WOSU NPR Radio Show “All Sides” with Ann Fisher in Columbus, Ohio.  Thorning discussed the inversion, corporate tax rates and several other tax issues during the program. Listen Here:

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    In Memoriam: ACCF Founding Member Neil Wissing

    A champion of pro-growth tax and economic policy has passed on.  Neil Wissing was a founding member of the ACCF and an active player in the reduction of capital gains tax rates.  See summaries of 1981 ACCF Board Meeting and Policy Committee Meeting. ACCF President and CEO Mark Bloomfield: “Neil was my mentor for more […]

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    One Way to Fix the Corporate Tax: Repeal It

    If tax inversions are a problem, as arguably they are, the blame lies not with business leaders who are doing their best to do their jobs, but rather with the lawmakers who have failed to do the same. The writers of the tax code have given us a system that is deeply flawed in many ways, especially as it applies to businesses.

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    Special Report: Trade Promotion Authority – American Economy & Trade

    The President’s 2014 Trade Policy Agenda stresses the critical role of trade and investment in the Administration’s strategy to create jobs, promote growth and strengthen the middle class. However, Congress has failed to grant Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) to the Executive Branch since the last one expired on July 1, 2007. This special report discusses […]

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