Think Tank Launches Pro-Oil Export Site

Published in Politico Morning Trade

The American Council for Capital Formation, a pro-export think tank, is launching a new website today aimed at outlining and boosting the economic arguments for lifting the longtime ban on crude oil exports. There’s been increased interest recently in lifting the ban that could lead to action in the next Congress, though a split within the Republican Party complicates matters. ACCF is also working with Strata, a Utah State University policy research group, on a Twitter feed (@unlockcrude) and other digital outreach.

“This effort will give our policy makers the tools to make decisions based on the facts of today, rather than the outdated policies from decades ago when our country was not leading the energy revolution,” ACCF Senior Vice President Margo Thorning said.

ACCF is particularly interested in reaching new members of the next Congress.

For a refresher on the GOP split on the ban, click here: Visit the new site here: