THE GLOBAL RACE FOR LIQUEFIED NATURAL GAS: Commercializing Alaska’s Natural Gas


Alaska’s prospect for short and long-term economic growth is in jeopardy, as efforts to unlock the full potential of the state’s energy resources have been subjected to shifting priorities among state leaders in Juneau. The mixed messages coming out of the state capital have prompted concern among investors poised to play a role in the state’s economic progress and raised serious questions about whether large scale investment in the state will be sustainable even in the short term. Indeed, Moody’s Investor Service recently took the dramatic step of downgrading Alaska’s credit rating to “Aaa”, at a time when the state confronts multibillion-dollar deficits that analysts say reflect Alaska’s weak economic outlook. In this uncertain and troubling climate, government leaders should be promoting an agenda that advances the political and economic stability valued by businesses and investors, starting with a coherent set of policies that center around the exploration and development of the state’s abundant energy resources, in particular natural gas.

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Commercializing Alaska’s Natural Gas