ACCF Supports Congressional Review of “Midnight Regulations”

The American Council for Capital Formation today joined more than 50 other organizations on a coalition letter led by Americans for Prosperity in support of Congress’ use of the Congressional Review Act on several controversial “midnight regulations” promulgated by the Obama administration on their way out the door.

“AFP and its coalition partners are encouraged to see lawmakers using the CRA to reassert its legislative authority. The CRA is a powerful means to permanently prevent regulators from trying to impose similar rules in the future without Congressional authorization. By processing resolutions of disapproval under the CRA, Congress will be able to quickly and efficiently lift many of the regulatory burdens that have weighed on small businesses, hard-working Americans and the U.S. economy for far too long.”

In addition to using the CRA to conduct oversight of last-minute rules imposed by the previous administration, the ACCF Center for Policy Research is a strong proponent of legislative and administrative efforts to improve the overall regulatory process to avoid similar overreach by future administrations. Check out ACCF’s work on regulatory improvement.

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