Economic Policy Salon “Accelerating Energy Innovation”

Mark Bloomfield welcomes Energy Secretary Rick Perry

On September 26th, the ACCF proudly hosted Energy Secretary Rick Perry for a vibrant discussion at an Economic Policy Salon, “Accelerating Energy Innovation.”

America has proudly been at the forefront of energy innovation for more than a century. It has sparked economic booms, led to the development of entirely new industries creating jobs across this country in both urban and rural areas, helped to provide cleaner air, land and water, and strengthened our national security position in the world.

Energy innovation also cuts across politically partisan labels under a more commonly held American belief that it is critical for our future. Yet, there are still challenging questions to grapple with related to federal investment in R&D, public vs. private sector roles and realities, regulations, tax policy, and even trade.

The ACCF convened business leaders across multiple industry and energy sectors for the discussion with Secretary Perry and several congressional leaders, including the former Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee Joe Barton (R-TX).  Also attending the event were Senators John Kennedy (R-LA), Mike Rounds (R-SD), and John Hoeven (R-ND), Representatives David B. McKinley (R-WV) and Randy Weber (R-TX).

Members of the media included Axios Energy Reporter Amy Harder, Fox News Executive Editor and Commentator Fred Barnes, New York Times Climate Change Reporter Lisa Friedman and Wall Street Journal Energy Policy Reporter Tim Puko.