In Memoriam: Paul Volcker, former Fed Chairman and ACCF Board Member

ACCF Founder Charls E. Walker (left) and President and CEO Mark Bloomfield (right) talk with former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker at ACCF Board Meeting

The ACCF bids farewell to Paul Volcker, former Chairman of the Federal Reserve under Presidents Carter and Reagan from 1979 to 1987.  Volcker also served for a decade on the Board of Advisors for the American Council for Capital Formation.

“Paul Volcker was a steady hand at the helm of the Federal Reserve during turbulent economic times,” ACCF President and CEO Mark Bloomfield.  “Thanks to his leadership, the country saw an end to the high-rate inflation of the 1970s and the restoration of growth and prosperity in the eighties.  His firm belief in pro-growth economic, tax and trade policies made him a perfect match as a board member for the ACCF for over a decade.  We will miss his leadership and wit but we believe that his economic discipline will be remembered as a model for policymaking in the generations to come.”