ACCF Panel Discussion: An Analytical Look at the U.S. LNG Industry

On April 6, the ACCF hosted An Analytical Look at the U.S. LNG Industry, the first in a series of three events focused on the future of the U.S. liquified natural gas (LNG) sector. This first event will be a panel discussion on the current state of the LNG market, including consideration of global supply and demand, economic benefits of LNG exports to the U.S., and look at the environmental challenges associated with natural gas and LNG. Our second and third events will consider the barriers to continued LNG expansion and potential policy options for the sector.

We featured four experts in the LNG field, who will look at economic and environmental issues associated with natural gas and LNG exports. Our guests included:


  • Ken Medlock III, James A. Baker, III, and Susan G. Baker Fellow in Energy and Resource Economics at the Baker Institute and the Senior Director of the Center for Energy Studies, Rice University
  • Anne Smith, Chair of NERA Economic Consulting’s Global Environmental Economics Practice
  • Scott Tinker, Director, Bureau of Economic Geology, University of Texas at Austin
    Harry Vidas, Vice President, Energy Markets, ICF Incorporated