ACCF on “What’s Next for the IRS: the Future of the U.S. Tax Administration”

ACCF Senior Economist and Executive Vice President Dr. Pinar Cebi Wilber joined a Center for Public Policy Innovation panel discussion exploring “What’s Next for the IRS: the Future of the U.S. Tax Administration”.

The program featured introductory remarks from Senator Rob Portman, and a moderated panel discussion led by former U.S. Senator Bob Kerrey.

The diverse group of distinguished panelists also included: Tony Scott, former U.S. Federal Government CIO; Patrick Hedger, Vice President of Policy at the Taxpayers Protection Alliance; and Cori Kramer, Executive Director of Center Forward.

Dr. Cebi Wilber highlighted findings from two of her recent tax policy papers:

Internal Revenue Service: Increasing Workloads Under Strained Budgets

Impact of the Growing Gig Economy on Tax Policy