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Small firms seek level playing field in tax reform

Published in USA Today

The varying rates of tax cuts for corporations and pass-throughs in the Ryan plan have become a rallying cry for smaller firms. “You can’t have a tax reform that favors one type of business,” says Pinar Cebi Wilber, a senior economist at the American Council for Capital Formation, a pro-business group. "We should have an overall business tax reform."

Impacts of Greenhouse Gas Regulations on the Industrial Sector

While the regulatory approach to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the United States has largely focused on the power and transportation sectors, it’s clear that substantial reductions by the industrial sector would be needed to meet President Obama’s pledge under the Paris Agreement. This report by the ACCF Center for Policy Research and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Institute for 21st Century Energy summarizes a study conducted by NERA Economic Consulting on the potential impacts to the U.S. economy of regulating industrial sector GHG emissions.

ACCF Launches Campaign Urging Repeal of BLM’s Duplicative Methane Venting and Flaring Rule

The American Council for Capital Formation (ACCF) has launched a social media, digital, and print ad campaign urging the U.S. Senate to pass the Congressional Review Act (CRA) Disapproval Resolution repealing the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) duplicative and costly venting and flaring rule. The campaign is focused on Washington, D.C., West Virginia, Ohio, Tennessee, Colorado, Indiana, and North Dakota.

Capital Corner Cartoon

Capital Corner Cartoon

Washington’s Last Salon on Trump-o-nomics (3/1/17)

The American Council for Capital Formation held its first economic policy salon of the Trump era on March 1, 2017.

Panel Discussion: Public Policy Issues Facing the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), the independent regulatory agency responsible for regulating interstate pipelines, hydropower, transmission lines, and the sale of electricity is facing a number of challenges, including the power sector's rapid shift from coal to natural gas and, increasingly, to renewable energy sources. The American Council for Capital Formation Center for Policy Research recently hosted a conversation with former FERC commissioners Philip Moeller and James Hoecker on these and other public policy issues facing the Commission. The event was moderated by Glen Boshart of SNL Global.

Introducing The Capital Corner Cartoon

The illustrated ACCF.

ACCF is proud to announce a new feature from syndicated cartoonist Ken Catalino. Starting this week, the Capital Corner Cartoon will add a little color and - we hope - a little pointed humor to our coverage of current events.

ACCF Forum with Ways & Means Chairman Kevin Brady

On February 14, the American Council for Capital Formation hosted a forum on tax reform with U.S. House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady (R-TX). Chairman Brady shared his perspective on the upcoming debate over tax reform before a capacity crowd of Washington business and trade association leaders, nonprofit groups and the media.

U.S. Conservatives Unveil Plan to Fight Climate Change

Published in National Geographic

“It’s good that people are trying to figure out a market-based approach, but on the political side… it’s pure fantasy,” says George David Banks, the executive vice president of the American Council for Capital Formation, a pro-business think tank. “Let’s just put aside the toxicity of a tax: what Republicans would need is taking away the EPA’s regulatory authority over greenhouse gases,” he adds. “Democrats won’t even go there.”

ACCF Panel: Weighing Implications of a Border Tax Adjustment

On February 8, The American Council for Capital Formation Center for Policy Research hosted a forum on “Understanding the Potential Impacts of Border Tax...

February 8 Panel Discussion: Understanding Potential Impacts of Border Tax Adjustments

The American Council for Capital Formation Center for Policy Research will host a forum on “Understanding the Potential Impacts of Border Tax Adjustments” to explore the theoretical aspects and potential economic impact of increased taxes on imports, as well as a look at how the potential real world implications could work for different industries.

ACCF Supports Congressional Review of “Midnight Regulations”

The American Council for Capital Formation today joined more than 50 other organizations on a coalition letter led by Americans for Prosperity in support of Congress' use of the Congressional Review Act on several controversial "midnight regulations" promulgated by the Obama administration on their way out the door.

Backers of HFC pact drop climate angle, cast Kigali as a trade boost

Published in Politico

"From a public messaging perspective, for the sake of the broader coalition, this a strategic trade initiative to advance U.S. competitiveness to help capture global market share, to help shut out the Chinese, and that provides environmental and climate co-benefits as well as co-benefits for economic development," said Dave Banks, executive vice president at American Council for Capital Formation, a nonpartisan group that aims to be a liaison between government and the business community.