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Low Carbon Fuel Is the Key to Cutting GHGs

If you are driving a gasoline or diesel fueled light-duty vehicle (LDV) today, it turns out you have a lot of company. Recent research...

Op-Ed: U.S. Climate Policy Must Support Low-Carbon Liquid Transportation Fuels

Several months ago, I noted that as the world starts to seriously address the challenges of climate change and the immediate need to reduce...

Energy Company Profitability Pays Dividends

In the past couple of weeks, announcements of energy company 2022 earnings, many eclipsing previous profit records, have raised considerable attention, discussion, and in...

Electric Vehicles and Internal Combustion Engines Must Share the Highway to Net-Zero

As the world starts to seriously address the challenges of climate change and the immediate need for carbon reduction there are many roads forward,...

Energy Research and Solutions Depend on All Available Resources

Recent articles and reviews seem to be drawing more attention to a rising concern for universities and the fossil fuel companies that continue to...

Op-Ed: ESG principles must include balanced and globally aligned approaches

This will ensure that energy and aerospace/defense sectors continue to attract the necessary investment and financing needed to guard global economic growth and national security.

Letter: Investing in energy is the way to get to net zero

In “Third Point blasts Shell’s efforts to walk the green tightrope” (Opinion, November 4) Brooke Masters has delivered the critical messages we will need...

Balance and Flexibility Are Keys to Building ESG Confidence

Environmental, Social, and Governance - ESG – has been growing in prominence as its application becomes essential to investor decisions and for businesses throughout the world...

Letter: Biden has to avoid the lasting scars of a slow economic recovery

Martin Wolf has raised several significant points in his article “A light shines in the gloom cast by Covid” (Opinion, December 2). Most importantly,...

A Tale of Two Streets in the COVID-19 Economy

Mike Roman and SBEC President and CEO Karen Kerrigan highlight the importance of small business to our economic recovery.

Op-Ed: Liability Safe Harbor — Not Liability Immunity

American business does not seek immunity from litigation, but rather a safe harbor that protects businesses when appropriate standards of care have been met to reduce COVID-19 exposure and spread.

USMCA ratification will secure US digital trade leadership

The USMCA is now positioned to set a prominent standard as the most comprehensive and contemporary agreement that will become the template for all future global digital trade protocols.