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Dr. Pinar Cebi Wilber

Pınar Cebi Wilber’s research interests are diversified and include energy policy, tax policy, international trade and finance, and general government policy. Recently, Pınar has researched issues related to climate change legislation including the impact of such legislation on the U.S. economy. She has also done extensive research on the effect of government policies on retirement saving as well as the use of annuities in retirement.

Op-Ed: Deal in LG Chem, SK battery drama clears EV speed bump

Pinar Cebi Wilber Chief economist for the American Council for Capital Formation In recent months, the U.S. had been watching a curious case involving a dispute...

On infrastructure, let good economics prevail over bad politics

President Biden’s ambitious policy agenda continues with a large $2 trillion infrastructure plan which not only plans to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure but, at...

The world is looking to Biden to restore trust in global trade and investment

Two big stories dominated the world press over the past few weeks: The results of the American presidential election followed by the announcement of successful COVID-19 vaccine trials by multiple drugmakers,...

Political uncertainty will harm post-pandemic economic recovery

Amid the pandemic, political uncertainty is the last thing the American economy needs. While the president has every right to challenge voting results, his refusal to concede and initiate an orderly transfer of power, especially without credible evidence of fraud or vote manipulation, is creating unnecessary levels of uncertainty.

This Earth Day, let’s focus on global recovery — not special interests

Earth Day 2020 will be remembered not for glitzy events or protests surrounding the cause of climate change, but for a global economy that...

Op-Ed: NEPA needs its State of the Union moment

At the State of the Union address this evening, President Trump will have no shortage of pressing domestic and international issues to mention. From...

Solve Exemption Problem By Ending Tariffs

The best policy at this point isn’t to grant exclusions but to get rid of these unnecessary and burdensome taxes.

ACCF Applauds Passage of SECURE Act as Part of 2020 Spending Bill

WASHINGTON, DC – The American Council for Capital Formation (ACCF) praised lawmakers today for their bipartisanship in including the Setting Every Community Up for...

The U.S. Ratification of USMCA: Reading the Tea Leaves

There is no question about the importance of the North American trade pact to the economies of the three parties, as outlined by a recent ACCF report. Unfortunately, the pact’s economic merits have not been enough to motivate a speedy ratification by the U.S. This short report looks at the issues raised by the Democrats as a stumbling block for ratification and other concerns about the future of USMCA emerging due to the uncertainty created by Chinese trade war.

A Retroactive Tax Hike is Bad Tax Policy

American taxpayers should understandably be able to rely on the tax code to make sound business decisions to be successful now and in the future and not wonder if their elected officials are going to pull the rug out from under them and possibly even claw back money that is rightfully theirs.

Voters want to tackle climate change — but not at expense of kitchen table...

People are concerned about climate change but have other more pressing issues on their mind as the election heats up. When climate change is the focus, they do not want to pay more, nor do they trust politicians to tackle the issue.

Approve U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade deal. It’s a win for Florida farmers, manufacturers

It is critical that government leaders put aside petty squabbles and come together to push the USMCA over the finish line. Doing so will give a massive boost to Florida’s economy, increasing revenues and expanding markets for manufacturers and farmers alike. Florida’s lawmakers must pass the USMCA this year so that the state’s businesses can continue to compete and thrive in the global market.

How the USMCA Benefits Ohio

Ohio’s experience with NAFTA exemplifies how deeper and stronger ties with its neighbors have been a win-win proposition. The adjustments included in the USMCA will bring more balance to North American trade and create a variety of long-term benefits to communities across Ohio.

ACCF Comment Letter to USTR on China tariffs

Dr. Pinar Cebi Wilber addresses the U.S. Trade Representative’s planned Section 301 tariffs on China’s imports to the United States.

Your View: How new trade agreement would help Pennsylvania’s economy

The USMCA does not repudiate the gains of NAFTA but instead aims to build on them, leveling the playing field, correcting imbalances, and bringing new opportunities to people in all three countries, specifically in Pennsylvania. The state’s lawmakers need to prioritize ratifying the deal this year.

25 years of prosperity should help lawmakers decide on USMCA

Who would have guessed as short as three years ago that trade policy would dominate American and world politics? The champion for global trade...