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ACCF Scholar R. Glenn Hubbard

Former Chairman President’s Council of Economic Advisers

ACCF Scholar: NATO Needs More Guns and Less Butter

But change will be difficult, and the magnitude of what needs to be done is sobering. The U.S. currently spends 3.2% of gross domestic...

ACCF Scholar: Investing in American Workers

On C-SPAN's Book TV, Former CEA Chairman and ACCF Scholar R. Glenn Hubbard discusses why government and business will need to invest more in...

New Book by ACCF Scholar: The Wall and the Bridge

Free-market economists often have noted that there are winners and losers in a competitive capitalist world. The question of how to deal with the...

Even my business-school students have doubts about capitalism

ACCF Scholar R. Glenn Hubbard: "A generation raised amid major economic turmoil needs more reassurance that an open economy won’t leave people and communities behind."

ACCF Scholar: The Biden Budget’s Arithmetic Problem

Taxing the rich won’t come close to funding the new social spending the White House is proposing.

ACCF Scholar: Biden Wants to Spend, Not Invest

ACCF Scholar R. Glenn Hubbard notes Biden's plan draws down private capital to fund current consumption, not actual infrastructure

Should the modern corporation maximize shareholder value?

Milton Friedman’s admonition 50 years ago that the modern corporation should maximize shareholder value remains controversial. We argue that under certain broad assumptions, the...

U.S. Should Flood Businesses With Cash, Says Former White House Economist

By Christopher Condon Former chief White House economist Glenn Hubbard said the U.S. may be headed into a depression unless the government takes drastic action...

A Conservative Economics of Dignity

As we enter his office, Glenn Hubbard apologizes for the building that houses it. Built in 1964, Uris Hall is a jarring structure on...

Is This What A Trade War Looks Like?

Glenn Hubbard, former chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers and ACCF Scholar discusses the trade debate with NPR's David Greene.

Despite Opposition, Trump Is Expected To Unveil International Tariffs Soon

Rachel Martin talks to ACCF Scholar Glenn Hubbard about the looming tariffs.

Why America Needs Tax Reform

Trump needs to stress the growth payoff and rebut falsehoods from critics at the Tax Policy Center.

How Donald J. Trump Could Promote Long-Term Economic Growth

Published in New York Times

Dean of Columbia Business School and ACCF scholar R. Glenn Hubbard writes in New York Times that President-elect Trump could give U.S. economic markets a much needed shot in the arm by closing the door on failed efforts at stimulus and overreliance on monetary policy that have held back growth and aggravated economic anxiety for many households and business people.