ACCF Scholars

ACCF Scholars

The Puzzle of Low Interest Rates

The New York Times
ACCF Scholar Greg Mankiw notes that economists don’t entirely know why rates have been so low for so long, or whether they will turn out to be mainly a boon or a danger.

A Reconsideration of Fiscal Policy in the Era of Low Interest...

Foreign Affairs
Excerpt November 30, 2020, Paper: "The last generation has witnessed an epochal decline in real interest rates in the United States and around the world...

This Election Result Won’t Be Overturned

The Wall Street Journal
ACC Board of Advisors Member Karl Rove notes recounts occasionally change margins in the hundreds, never in the tens of thousands.
income inequality

ACCF Scholar: Inequality and Its Discontents

Project Syndicate
Former US President John F. Kennedy famously proclaimed that “a rising tide lifts all boats.” In a growing economy, the absolute well-being of those...

ACCF Scholars on Rebuilding the Global Economy

The Peterson Institute for International Economics recently released and in-depth and informative series: "Rebuilding the Global Economy: A special series outlining policy priorities and...

Trump’s Economic Dream Come True

The Wall Street Journal
ACCF Scholar writes the coronavirus-induced recession is no reason to abandon economic policies that proved their worth.

Should the modern corporation maximize shareholder value?

Milton Friedman’s admonition 50 years ago that the modern corporation should maximize shareholder value remains controversial. We argue that under certain broad assumptions, the...

Mankiw: Teaching the Covid-19 Recession

Greg Mankiw's Blog
ACCF Scholar N. Gregory Mankiw writes on the impact of the pandemic on the economy.

Democrats Move Left, but the Center Holds

The Wall Street Journal
ACCF Scholar William Galston notes the Democrats are a very different party from what it was 30 years ago. But the radicals haven’t taken it over.

C.E.O.s Are Qualified to Make Profits, Not Lead Society

The New York Times
An old debate over the proper role of C.E.O.s has entered the political arena. But chief executives aren’t well equipped to take on broad social issues.

Architect of Trump’s coronavirus stimulus plan says it’s too little, too...

By Dion Rabouin The Trump administration's proposal to send Americans $1,000 checks is now too little, too late, the plan's architect tells Axios. What happened: Trump...

ACCF Commends Kevin Hassett’s Return to White House

The American Council for Capital Formation Center for Policy Research (ACCF CPR) commends the return of Kevin Hassett, former Chairman of President Trump's Council...

U.S. Should Flood Businesses With Cash, Says Former White House Economist

By Christopher Condon Former chief White House economist Glenn Hubbard said the U.S. may be headed into a depression unless the government takes drastic action...

Thoughts on the Pandemic

Greg Mankiw's Blog
Several reporters have emailed me, asking my thoughts about the current economic situation in light of the ongoing pandemic. Here they are, in abbreviated...

The Case for a Big Coronavirus Stimulus

The Wall Street Journal
Given the mounting economic risks posed by the spread of the novel coronavirus, Congress should act swiftly but thoughtfully to pass fiscal stimulus. This...

The Biden Tax Plan

Greg Mankiw's Blog
The Tax Policy Center has released its report on Joe Biden's tax plan. Most noteworthy is the huge increase in taxes on high-income households. The...