Economic Policy

Economic Policy

A Conversation with former CEA Chairman Jason Furman

On December 7, the ACCF hosted ​A Conversation with Jason Furman, Former Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers to President Obama. Jason Furman is...

A Conversation on Proxy Advisors with former SEC Chairman Jay Clayton

The ACCF hosts ​A Conversation about Proxy Advisors with Jay Clayton, Former Chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Jay Clayton served as...

Joe Lieberman will not leave his fellow Democrats alone

The Washington Post
ACCF Board of Advisors Member Joe Lieberman: With No Labels, the Democratic maverick is still trying to foil liberals and challenge the party — even if that means threatening to throw a wrench into the 2024 campaign

Biden Has Abandoned Border Towns

The Wall Street Journal
Karl Rove: New York and Chicago get federal help. Eagle Pass, Texas, and Yuma, Ariz., don’t.

Matt Gaetz and the House Chaos Caucus

The Wall Street Journal
ACCF Board of Advisors Member Karl Rove says forcing a shutdown would destroy what little bargaining power the GOP has—and its slim majority.

ACCF Board of Advisors Member: Trump Looks Beatable in Early States

The Wall Street Journal
ACCF Board of Advisors Member Karl Rove: Traditionally, August is a slow month politically. Not this year for Republicans.

ACCF Scholar: The Fed Should Carefully Aim for a Higher Inflation...

The Wall Street Journal
If it can stick to stabilizing the economy now, then it could start thinking long term in 2025.

Op-Ed: Shareholder Proxy Proposal Process is Broken and Must be Fixed

Real Clear Policy
This month, the House Financial Services Committee hosted two hearings investigating the role and influence that proxy advisors play in investors’ decision making. Members...

ACCF Webinar with John Taylor, Professor of Economics, Stanford University

The ACCF proudly hosts a webinar with John B. Taylor, Ph.D., Mary and Robert Raymond Professor of Economics at Stanford University. Professor Taylor is renowned...

Rove: Biden and Trump Could Both Lose in 2024

The Wall Street Journal
For political junkies, there can never be too many polls. But some numbers are more durable and important indicators than others. In the recent...

ACCF Scholar: Inflation not ‘going away anytime soon’

Former Obama economist Jason Furman (ACCF Scholar) rejected any inflation happy talk on Tuesday and said it was not going away time soon. Former Obama...

ACCF Scholar John Taylor on FED Decision

John Taylor, Professor of Economics at Stanford University and ACCF Scholar, discusses the latest FED decision and his outlook for further rate hikes. He...

ACCF Scholar: The Post-Midterm Scramble Begins

The Wall Street Journal
If Republicans end up with a majority in the House, their margin will be much smaller than expected, giving factions within the caucus substantial...

ACCF Scholar: As the markets tank, Congress can help retirees by...

The Hill
Consider a retired individual, 72 years old, with $100,000 invested in a retirement account at the end of last year, 50 percent broadly invested...

Tax changes mean brighter future for retirement savings

The Hill
Last week the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced new limits on various tax advantaged saving vehicles, such as IRAs and 401(k) contributions, for 2023....

Bloomfield Discusses “The Swamp” with MSCI

The Metal Service Center Institute hosts ACCF President and CEO Mark Bloomfield for a conversation on "The Swamp": Bridging the Chasm Between Toxic Politics...