Economic Policy

Economic Policy

The Average US Retirement Age Increased over the Past 30 Years

In a new American Enterprise Institute study, ACCF Scholar Mark Warshawsky notes over the past 30 years, the average retirement age has increased by about three years, from 62 to 65.

How Badly Will the Democrats Lose the Midterm Elections?

The Wall Street Journal
A long list of variables will determine if 2022 is more of a freeway pileup or Krakatoa. Will Congress pass some version of Build Back...

ACCF Scholar: Senate-bound Retirement Legislation Still Needs Work

Real Clear Politics
Encouraging retirement savings is a laudable goal, and the House recently overwhelmingly passed bipartisan legislation to that effect; “Securing a Strong Retirement Act of...

Passover and the Constitution

The Wall Street Journal
On Friday after sundown, Jews everywhere will gather in their homes to observe Passover. No doubt familiar themes will be discussed—the liberation from oppression...

ACCF Scholar: Even in a Hot Economy, Wages Aren’t Keeping Up...

The Wall Street Journal
Former CEA Chairman and ACCF Scholar Jason Furman says tight labor markets aren’t as good for workers as D.C. economists imagine. High demand raises prices, too.

ACCF Scholar: How Will Inflation End?

The Wall Street Journal
Inflation is now, incontestably, the leading issue for the electorate, and voters are giving the Biden administration low marks for handling it. This is...

ACCF Scholar: NATO Needs More Guns and Less Butter

The Wall Street Journal
But change will be difficult, and the magnitude of what needs to be done is sobering. The U.S. currently spends 3.2% of gross domestic...

ACCF Scholar: Investing in American Workers

On C-SPAN's Book TV, Former CEA Chairman and ACCF Scholar R. Glenn Hubbard discusses why government and business will need to invest more in...

Kevin Hassett on Biden Economy

Former CEA Chairman and ACCF Scholar Kevin Hassett discusses the Biden economy on Fox Business. Watch the latest video at

ACCF Scholar John Taylor on the Fed and curve on inflation

On Bloomberg's "What'd You Miss?" John Taylor, professor of economics at Stanford University and ACCF Scholar, says the Federal Reserve is behind the curve...

New Book by ACCF Scholar: The Wall and the Bridge

Yale University Press
Free-market economists often have noted that there are winners and losers in a competitive capitalist world. The question of how to deal with the...

Republicans’ Jan. 6 Responsibility

The Wall Street Journal
ACCF Board of Advisors Member Karl Rove: "The GOP has a duty to condemn the riot and those who refuse to acknowledge it."

What if It Can Happen Here?

The Wall Street Journal
ACCF Scholar William Galston: "I scoffed at Sinclair Lewis, but I’ve had second thoughts since the Jan. 6 attack."

Biden Can Whip Inflation and Build Back Better

The Wall Street Journal
Rising prices are a serious problem, but so are the chronic challenges that the bill aims to confront. The U.S. economy faces multiple challenges. The...

ACCF Scholar: Biden Has Trouble at Home, Too

The Wall Street Journal
The president will have to persuade progressives to save his infrastructure bill. In a speech reflecting on the 40th year of her reign, Britain’s Queen...

The ACCF congratulates Board of Advisors member Sol Trujillo on 4th...

The ACCF congratulates Board of Advisors member Sol Trujillo on the 4th Annual event, L'ATTITUDE: L’ATTITUDE is a business based national initiative focused on helping...