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Corporate governance has become an important subject in boardroom and investor discussions.  Environmental, Social, and Governance – ESG – has been growing in prominence as its application becomes essential to investor decisions and for businesses throughout the world who work to adhere to an evolving array of ESG framework principles.  As more stakeholders engage, ESG is playing a decisive role as investments are evaluated and decisions are made which will ultimately affect the returns on those investments and, importantly, the costs and allocation of capital. ESG frameworks and practices continue to evolve with implications for organizations and investors across the globe. Accordingly, ACCF has a dedicated team that is working to lead and communicate the needs of businesses, the implications of ESG practices, and ensure that the processes and principles that are established that will help align and balance ESG and financial results and provide the flexibility that businesses and their investors need to understand ESG metrics and reporting.


Op-Ed: ESG principles must include balanced and globally aligned approaches

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This will ensure that energy and aerospace/defense sectors continue to attract the necessary investment and financing needed to guard global economic growth and national security.

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The Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance publishes a report, Analysis of Proxy Advisors’ Recommendations During the 2021 Proxy Season, by Kyle Isakower,...

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In “Third Point blasts Shell’s efforts to walk the green tightrope” (Opinion, November 4) Brooke Masters has delivered the critical messages we will need...

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