ACCF Annual Report


As the nation continues to recover from the pandemic, economic policy remains a top priority. It is one of the biggest challenges to the business community in recent memory.

The American Council for Capital Formation (ACCF) has remained steadfast in its mission–to promote pro-growth economic policy through authoritative research, bipartisan advocacy, and media credibility.

Credibility and bipartisanship, both in political and public policy, are the most important assets in today’s highly partisan and polarized climate. They are what make us an effective third party in public policymaking, which we are proud to highlight in the reports below.

The ACCF has two vehicles. The ACCF is a traditional business organization with a 501 (c) (6) status and the ACCF Center for Policy Research (ACCF Center) has a 501 (c)(3) status.


Mark Bloomfield
President & CEO


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