The 2017 Tax Reform Delivered as Promised

The Wall Street Journal
ACCF Scholar Kevin Hassett notes predictions about the law’s effects on business investment, wages and tax revenue were correct.

The Average US Retirement Age Increased over the Past 30 Years

In a new American Enterprise Institute study, ACCF Scholar Mark Warshawsky notes over the past 30 years, the average retirement age has increased by about three years, from 62 to 65.

Give the IRS What They Need to Do Their Job

Real Clear Policy
As we just closed the tax filing season, the struggles of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) are once again in the press, and for...

How Badly Will the Democrats Lose the Midterm Elections?

The Wall Street Journal
A long list of variables will determine if 2022 is more of a freeway pileup or Krakatoa. Will Congress pass some version of Build Back...

News Releases

In Memoriam: ACCF Board of Advisors Member Ken Duberstein

The ACCF bids farewell to Kenneth Duberstein, a long-time member of the ACCF Board of Advisors, who passed away this week.  Duberstein served his...

Proxy Woes: ACCF 2021 Proxy Season Analysis Shows Companies Still Reporting...

Despite continued evidence of proxy advisor errors and serious disputes with companies, the SEC proposed gutting a rule developed to improve the engagement between companies and proxy advisors

ACCF Board of Advisors Member Max Baucus on U.S.-China relations

ACCF Board of Advisors Member Max Baucus Max Baucus discusses discuss escalating tensions between the US and China on CNN. Baucus is the...

Susan Neely: Devastating and Completely Unnecessary

ACCF Board Member Susan Neely discusses the fiduciary-only rule in IMPACT by the American Council of Life Insurers.