Economic Policy

Since 1975, the ACCF and its affiliate, the ACCF Center for Policy Research, have brought the message to U.S. and international policymakers, the press, and the public that a nation’s strength and stability depend upon well-thought-out economic, regulatory, energy and environmental policies to promote investment, economic growth, and a higher standard of living for all.


Matt Gaetz and the House Chaos Caucus

The Wall Street Journal
ACCF Board of Advisors Member Karl Rove says forcing a shutdown would destroy what little bargaining power the GOP has—and its slim majority.

ACCF Board of Advisors Member: Trump Looks Beatable in Early States

The Wall Street Journal
ACCF Board of Advisors Member Karl Rove: Traditionally, August is a slow month politically. Not this year for Republicans.

ACCF Scholar: The Fed Should Carefully Aim for a Higher Inflation...

The Wall Street Journal
If it can stick to stabilizing the economy now, then it could start thinking long term in 2025.

Research & Publications

How to Shape U.S. Infrastructure Policy

This special report first looks at the reasons for infrastructure investment and then sets the stage for steps that are crucial for successful infrastructure projects. Particular attention is paid to ways to use existing funds more effectively and to increase participation by the private sector. The paper concludes with alternative methods for financing and funding the country’s much needed infrastructure.

Prioritizing Tax and Regulatory Improvement in 2017

As the attention of the nation and world leaders turn to Washington, D.C. to see what issues the new 115th Congress and administration of President Donald Trump are championing in 2017, the American Council for Capital Formation and its affiliated Center for Policy Research have developed a broad set of policy recommendations on tax reform and improvements to the federal regulatory process, particularly in the energy, environment, and financial services spaces, to guide and focus discussions both on Capitol Hill and downtown. Read the full memo.

Capital Formation: Challenges And Opportunities For The Next Administration

Foreword Concerns about the low U.S. saving rate and its negative impact on capital formation and economic growth have been a key driver of the...