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Legal Action and New Analysis Argue for Return to SEC’s Proposed 2020 Proxy Advisor Rules

In 2020, the SEC, chaired by Jay Clayton, proposed a set of amendments aimed to...

Ukraine May Have to Accept a Cease-Fire

The Wall Street Journal
According to a recent report in the Washington Post, troops on the front line are...

Can Even Trump Save Biden’s 2024 Run?

The Wall Street Journal
President Biden enters the New Year with what looks like a losing campaign trifecta—dismal ratings...

2023 Was a Wash. 2024 Could Be Historic

The Wall Street Journal
Time to review my 2023 predictions—20 correct and 12 wrong for a 62.5% success rate, down...

Trump’s Fate and Other 2024 Cliffhangers

This has been a wretched year. At home, political dysfunction has deepened, and increasing numbers...

Trump vs. the Banana Republic of Colorado

The Wall Street Journal
You don’t need to be a Donald Trump fan to think the Colorado Supreme Court’s 4-3 decision...

Amid Dismal Polls, the Optimist’s Case for Biden Falters

The Wall Street Journal
Mr. Biden’s low standing in head-to-head general-election polls reflects voters’ dour appraisal of his performance...

Trump Singes the GOP as He Blazes Ahead

The Wall Street Journal
With fewer than five weeks before the first contest in the 2024 presidential race, new...

A Conversation with Senator Joe Lieberman, Founding Chairman of No Labels

The ACCF proudly hosts A Conversation with Senator Joe Lieberman, Founding Chairman of No Labels,...

ACCF Webinars: Economic Policy in the Biden Presidency and 117th Congress

ACCF Webinars

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  • New England Will Benefit from Robust, Low-Cost Natural Gas Supply if Congress Removes Pipeline Red Tape
    Given our nation’s energy needs, it is clear that we will be using natural gas for many years to come, to heat our homes, fuel manufacturing, and importantly, to generate electricity. Even given climate concerns, most experts agree that natural gas – and other fossil fuels – along with carbon abatement technologies like carbon capture […]
    Kyle Isakower
  • Willow Approval is Sensible Energy and Environmental Strategy
    Willow Approval is Sensible Energy and Environmental Strategy By Kyle Isakower On March 13, the administration approved plans for oil production at the Willow site on the North Slope of Alaska. The area is part of the National Petroleum Reserve – Alaska (NPR-A), which was established a century ago by President Harding as a reserve of petroleum […]
    Kyle Isakower

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