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The 2017 Tax Reform Delivered as Promised

The Wall Street Journal
ACCF Scholar Kevin Hassett notes predictions about the law’s effects on business investment, wages and tax revenue were correct.

The Average US Retirement Age Increased over the Past 30 Years

In a new American Enterprise Institute study, ACCF Scholar Mark Warshawsky notes over the past 30 years, the average retirement age has increased by about three years, from 62 to 65.

Give the IRS What They Need to Do Their Job

Real Clear Policy
As we just closed the tax filing season, the struggles of the Internal Revenue Service...

How Badly Will the Democrats Lose the Midterm Elections?

The Wall Street Journal
A long list of variables will determine if 2022 is more of a freeway pileup...

China’s recent trade moves create outsize problems for everyone else

Policy reversals on fertilizer, steel, and pork are only the latest examples. Russia's war in Ukraine...

ACCF Scholar: Senate-bound Retirement Legislation Still Needs Work

Real Clear Politics
Encouraging retirement savings is a laudable goal, and the House recently overwhelmingly passed bipartisan legislation...

Passover and the Constitution

The Wall Street Journal
On Friday after sundown, Jews everywhere will gather in their homes to observe Passover. No...

ACCF Scholar: Even in a Hot Economy, Wages Aren’t Keeping Up With Inflation

The Wall Street Journal
Former CEA Chairman and ACCF Scholar Jason Furman says tight labor markets aren’t as good for workers as D.C. economists imagine. High demand raises prices, too.

ACCF Scholar: How Will Inflation End?

The Wall Street Journal
Inflation is now, incontestably, the leading issue for the electorate, and voters are giving the...

ACCF Webinars: Economic Policy in the Biden Presidency and 117th Congress

ACCF Webinars

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  • U.S. Natural Gas Supply Robust For Foreseeable Future
      Some good news amid pandemic and strained energy supply. Americans can rely on having clean natural gas needed now and well into the future. American Gas Association (AGA) recently hosted a webinar for the release of the Potential Gas Committee’s annual assessment of supply. The PGC estimates that the US has 3368 TCF of […]
    Kyle Isakower
  • Good Business – The Talk, Fight, Win Way to Change the World
    As Environmental, Social, and Governance – so-called ESG principles continue to move to the forefront, the release of Bill Novelli’s new book, “Good Business – The Talk, Fight, Win Way to Change the World” could not be more perfectly timed. In a 1970 essay, the economist, Milton Friedman, noted the social responsibility of business is […]
    Mike Roman

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