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Inflation is impossible to forecast — stop investing like you can, top economist warns
ACCF Scholar Burton Milkier: it's impossible to predict where inflation is headed despite what top minds in the business may think

Democrats Will Probably Lose the Senate

The Wall Street Journal
The news isn’t good for Chuck Schumer and his fight to keep the Democratic Senate...

Lessons From Purim for the War in Gaza

ACCF Scholar William Galston: The Book of Esther tells a story of Jews fighting back—with admirable restraint. It’s an example they should follow against Hamas in Rafah

ACCF Salon: The Challenges to Our Democracy and Economy Part II

On March 13, the ACCF hosted the second part of its discussion on "The Challenges...

A Conversation with Michael J. Graetz, Professor Emeritus at Columbia and Yale Law Schools

On March 7, the ACCF hosted host a conversation with Michael J. Graetz, Professor...

Tuesday’s Primary Winners Aren’t So Super

The Wall Street Journal
Super Tuesday showed that Donald Trump will be the Republican presidential nominee and still dominates the...

President Biden’s Fraying Coalition

The Wall Street Journal
The general election begins this week. When all the Super Tuesday votes are counted and...

ACCF Scholar: Battle Between Fiscal and Monetary Policy

Bloomberg TV
On Bloomberg TV, Jason Furman, Harvard Kennedy School Professor of the Practice of Economic Policy,...

Numbers Don’t Lie: Spending Is the Cause of Our Out-of-Control Deficits

The Hill
In recent years, federal deficits have exploded and debt outstanding has grown rapidly. Considering continued high interest rates and modest economic growth,...

ACCF Webinars: Economic Policy in the Biden Presidency and 117th Congress

ACCF Webinars

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  • New England Will Benefit from Robust, Low-Cost Natural Gas Supply if Congress Removes Pipeline Red Tape
    Given our nation’s energy needs, it is clear that we will be using natural gas for many years to come, to heat our homes, fuel manufacturing, and importantly, to generate electricity. Even given climate concerns, most experts agree that natural gas – and other fossil fuels – along with carbon abatement technologies like carbon capture […]
    Kyle Isakower
  • Willow Approval is Sensible Energy and Environmental Strategy
    Willow Approval is Sensible Energy and Environmental Strategy By Kyle Isakower On March 13, the administration approved plans for oil production at the Willow site on the North Slope of Alaska. The area is part of the National Petroleum Reserve – Alaska (NPR-A), which was established a century ago by President Harding as a reserve of petroleum […]
    Kyle Isakower

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