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Trump’s Plan to Expand Executive Power

The Wall Street Journal
Donald Trump is planning a massive expansion of executive power if he returns to the...

Trump Verdict Makes Everyone Look Bad

The Wall Street Journal
E71dd4fb117e544e4cd3ccba0fee15de Both the Trump and Biden campaigns seem to believe the former president’s conviction Thursday helped...

A Conversation with Dr. Art Laffer

The ACCF hosts "A Conversation with Dr. Arthur Laffer, father of supply side economics and...

Op-Ed: Exxon Is Trying to Do Investors a Favor: Get Politics Out of the Boardroom

Activists focusing on broad environmental and social issues are increasingly using the shareholder proposal process...

A Conversation with Rep. Linda Sánchez (D-CA)

The ACCF hosts A Conversation with Representative Linda Sánchez (D-CA), Chair Emeritus of the Congressional...

How Global Shipping Tensions Are Inflating Energy Bills

For months, Houthi rebels have attacked marine traffic in the Red Sea – and more...

Scaling Up Sustainable Aviation Fuel Requires a Co-Processing Flight Plan

Real Clear Energy
As the world grapples with the challenges of climate change, the aviation industry stands ready...

Biden’s LNG pause undermines U.S., Texas and him

Galveston Daily News
In Texas, where the liquefied natural gas industry is an economic cornerstone and a key...

Rethinking Regulation

Real Clear Policy
Washington, DC is witnessing a regulatory race between agencies, sometimes covering each other’s areas, creating...

ACCF Webinars: Economic Policy in the Biden Presidency and 117th Congress

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  • New England Will Benefit from Robust, Low-Cost Natural Gas Supply if Congress Removes Pipeline Red Tape
    Given our nation’s energy needs, it is clear that we will be using natural gas for many years to come, to heat our homes, fuel manufacturing, and importantly, to generate electricity. Even given climate concerns, most experts agree that natural gas – and other fossil fuels – along with carbon abatement technologies like carbon capture […]
    Kyle Isakower
  • Willow Approval is Sensible Energy and Environmental Strategy
    Willow Approval is Sensible Energy and Environmental Strategy By Kyle Isakower On March 13, the administration approved plans for oil production at the Willow site on the North Slope of Alaska. The area is part of the National Petroleum Reserve – Alaska (NPR-A), which was established a century ago by President Harding as a reserve of petroleum […]
    Kyle Isakower

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