Officers & Staff


Mark A. Bloomfield
President & CEO

For more than four decades, Mark has been a prominent voice in the media on current political and economic issues. On any given day, he may be interviewed on Fox Business Network at sunrise, and again as the market closes on CNBC. CNN noted, he is “well-schooled in the arts of both economics and politics and is one of the most influential figures operating behind the scenes in Congress.” Mark is a frequent contributor to The Wall Street Journal, where he was also the subject of The Weekend Interview. Mark regularly contributes to Fortune and The Hill, Capitol Hill’s leading newspaper.

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hd_PCWilber_210Dr. Pinar Cebi Wilber
Chief Economist & Senior Vice President

Pınar Cebi Wilber’s research interests are diversified and include energy policy, tax policy, international trade and finance, and general government policy. Recently, Pınar has researched issues related to climate change legislation including the impact of such legislation on the U.S. economy. She has also done extensive research on the effect of government policies on retirement saving as well as the use of annuities in retirement.

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hd_TDoyle_JNB_2857ATimothy M. Doyle
Vice President of Policy & General Counsel

Timothy M. Doyle is Vice President of Policy and General Counsel at the American Council for Capital Formation. Timothy has a diverse policy and legal background in areas including energy, environment, oversight, corporate governance, and regulatory issues.

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hd_rdillon_150Drew Bond
Nonresident Senior Fellow & Director of Energy Innovation Programs, ACCF Center for Policy Research

Drew Bond promotes the acceleration of energy innovation in America. He is an entrepreneur with a diverse background in business and public policy, with an emphasis on energy innovation and technology startups. In addition to his role at ACCF, he is the President & CEO of PowerField Energy, which offers the simplest ground-mounted solar energy systems in the world.

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hd_rdillon_150Todd Johnston
Vice President, Government Relations, ACCF Center for Energy Security & Climate Economics

Todd Johnston recently served as Executive Vice President of Government Affairs at Portland Cement Association where he led engagement activities with the federal government. Prior to joining PCA, Todd served eight years as a senior Hill staffer, including Staff Director of the House Science Committee’s Environment and Energy Subcommittee, Senior Policy Advisor on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, and Staff Director on EPW’s Clean Air, Climate Change and Nuclear Safety Subcommittee.

hd_rdillon_150Robert Dillon
Vice President of Communications and Director of Energy Security, ACCF Center for Energy Security & Climate Economics

Dillon has spent his career working at the nexus of public policy and public opinion. First as a journalist looking at the economic and social effects of development in the Arctic, post-Soviet Eastern Europe’s transition from planned economy to the free market, and the growing trading power of China. He provided analysis of U.S. energy and regulatory policy for the Energy Intelligence Group before joining the staff of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee as Communications Director. In that role, Dillon served as senior advisor to current energy chairman Sen. Lisa Murkowski from 2008 to 2016, working on the full range of energy and public land management issues under the committee’s jurisdiction.

hd_MThorning_210Dr. Margo Thorning
Senior Economic Policy Advisor

Dr. Margo Thorning has frequently testified as an expert witness on capital formation, tax, energy and environmental policies before multiple U.S. congressional committees. She has also traveled coast to coast to present findings to state and local lawmakers, business organizations and the media on the economic impact of climate change policies on local job and economic growth.

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hd_MBurita_mikeBuritaMike Burita
Director of Communications

Mike Burita oversees the day to day communications, media relations, and marketing efforts for the organization. He has over twenty years of strategic communications experience working on behalf of a number of think tanks, trade associations and corporate clients. Mike is a graduate of The Ohio State University.


hd_HKashaniniejad_Head-Shot_HamidehHamideh Kashaninejad
Director of Finance & Office Administration

Hamideh Kashaninejad oversees the management and reporting of the finances for the ACCF and ACCF Center for Policy Research. Hamideh received a B.A. from Campbell University.


hd_MBurita_mikeBurita Frédérique Schreuder
Executive Assistant & Director of Events

Frédérique assists Mark Bloomfield in all of his administrative needs. She plans, coordinates and oversees all ACCF and ACCF-CPR events.  Frédérique is of Dutch nationality and has been reared and educated in Europe and holds the equivalent of a B.B.A. from the college of Schoevers Institute in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She also serves the ACCF Board of Directors as Corporate Secretary.