Economic Policy Evenings

Since 1982, the ACCF has convened special events for Washington’s leading policymakers, the media and members of the business community. The ACCF’s unique and intimate forums build relationships and promote provocative dialogue on leading policy issues from diverse perspectives. Congressional participants range from progressive Democrats to Tea Party Republicans; journalists cover the spectrum from The New York Times and NPR to The Wall Street Journal and Fox News; and the business community is represented by corporate executives, trade association leaders, investors and entrepreneurs. In 2013, the ACCF hosted its 200th Economic Policy Evening, a renowned monthly event also known as “Washington’s Last Salon.”

Capital Formation Forums

The American Council for Capital Formation and its public policy affiliate, the ACCF Center for Policy Research, have sponsored Capital Formation Forums to promote an informed dialogue between Washington’s leading policymakers and business and association representatives on timely economic policy issues.

ACCF Salon: “Tax reform in 2017, 2018.  .. And other economic...

The June 27 ACCF Salon theme was ACCF Salon: "Tax reform in 2017, 2018.  .. And other economic policy changes." Jose Antonio Zabalgoitia Trejo, Deputy Chief...

Panel: Achieving Comprehensive Tax Reform in 2017

On May 18th, the ACCF Center for Policy Research hosted an engaging discussion on tax reform with Chairman Peter Roskam of the House Ways...

Direction of Energy Policy in the 115th Congress

The American Council for Capital Formation Center for Policy Research and the ClearPath Foundation hosted a May 17th forum “Direction of Energy Policy in the 115th Congress."

ACCF Salon: “Where Goeth Tax Reform in 2017?”

The May 3rd ACCF Economic Policy Evening focused on tax reform in the 115th Congress.  Attendees offered policy analysis and political forecasts to the...

ACCF Salon: Improving the Regulatory System

On Wednesday, April 26 the ACCF hosted an Economic Policy Salon on "Improving the Regulatory System." Washington leaders from the energy, manufacturing, financial and retail sectors joined members of Congress and leading journalists for a robust, off-the-record discussion on potential ways to reshape the federal regulatory state to make it more efficient and less burdensome to businesses without diminishing public health and safety benefits.

Economic Policy Evening Focuses on Prospects for Tax Reform

President Trump has vowed to take up comprehensive tax reform after efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act failed in the House, but questions on how to proceed and whether Republicans will rally behind the current proposal remain unanswered. Changes to the U.S. tax system to reduce the overall rates and encourage greater investment is long overdue. It has long been the position of the ACCF that meaningful tax reform will require bipartisan and bicameral support. The March 28 dinner was one of the several events the ACCF continues to host to promote agreement and compromise around responsible tax reform and economic policy.