Prioritizing Tax and Regulatory Improvement in 2017

As the attention of the nation and world leaders turn to Washington, D.C. to see what issues the new 115th Congress and administration of President Donald Trump are championing in 2017, the American Council for Capital Formation and its affiliated Center for Policy Research have developed a broad set of policy recommendations on tax reform and improvements to the federal regulatory process, particularly in the energy, environment, and financial services spaces, to guide and focus discussions both on Capitol Hill and downtown.

As the new administration works through the confirmation process to get key decision-makers in place, there are real opportunities to take a responsible and pro-growth approach to setting good public policy. Momentum is on the side of the reformers. The consensus and leadership exist in Congress and the White House to achieve meaningful tax reform and improvements to the regulatory system, but as recent headlines make clear there are hurdles ahead, especially for the House and Senate to work out the details of specific proposals. Real reform will require bipartisan and bicameral buy-in. Opportunities for bipartisan action on many of the economic issues of greatest concern to the American people do exist, but they will require compromise from both sides.

Read the full memo.

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Pınar Cebi Wilber’s research interests are diversified and include energy policy, tax policy, international trade and finance, and general government policy. Recently, Pınar has researched issues related to climate change legislation including the impact of such legislation on the U.S. economy. She has also done extensive research on the effect of government policies on retirement saving as well as the use of annuities in retirement.