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Tax reform is working now, and the best is yet to come

Tax reform is working now, and the best is yet to come, says the global...

Statement on President Trump’s Executive Order on Energy & Infrastructure

ACCF calls new order "“A valuable contribution to the nation's manufacturing and trade policymaking."

In Memoriam: ACCF Board of Advisors Member Fred Malek

The ACCF bids farewell to ACCF Board of Advisors Member Fred Malek.

The fate of Trump’s deregulatory agenda lies in the courts

Washington Examiner
Compared to previous administrations, Trump has put forth fewer regulations than under either former Presidents Barack Obama or George W. Bush according to a new paper published by the American Council for Capital Formation. And there are some that have suggested that it is actually fewer than any president since they started keeping track back in the 1970s.

The Retirement Crisis is Real

The Hill
ACCF Board of Directors Member Susan Neely describes the current crisis facing retirees and what Washington can do to help.

Playing the Green New Deal numbers game

The Hill
As a job creator, the GND has already created a boom - in economic modeling. Since its introduction, economists from every corner have produced figures on the cost of the GND, such as the $7 trillion price tag cited by many.

Obama’s former adviser says Silicon Valley giants must release their iron grip on everyone’s data

Business Insider
Jason Furman, a Harvard economist and former adviser to Barack Obama, says the UK must strengthen its competition rules to prevent damaging mergers like Facebook's acquisition of Instagram.

Fox Business: Manufacturing Rebounds, Importance of Kigali Amendment

On Fox Business Varney & Company, ACCF Executive Vice President George David Banks highlights the rebound of American manufacturing and how the Kigali Amendment, an international "America First" agreement can help bolster industry and American jobs.

New Report Grades Trump Record on Deregulation

Former OIRA Administrator John Graham and Indiana University Professor Keith Belton Assess Trump Pledge to Deregulate U.S. Economy

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    Dr. Pinar Cebi Wilber
  • Does New Congress Threaten Trump Energy Agenda? Not So Fast
    Congress returns with a renewed focus on climate change and clean energy under the direction of the newly minted House Democratic majority. But with President Donald Trump still in control of the White House and a Republican majority in the Senate, prospects for major shifts in policy remain slim. Even in the House where a […]
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