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Investing pioneer Burton Malkiel: Don’t worry about the yield-curve recession indicator

Investing pioneer Burton Malkiel believes investors shouldn't worry too much about a key recession indicator...

The real reason you’re not getting a pay raise

The economy is growing strongly, the unemployment rate has been at or below 4.5 percent...

An Inverted Yield Curve May Not Portend Doom

The Wall Street Journal
How worried should investors and policy makers be about the possibility of an inverted yield...

ACCF Urges Inclusion of ISDS in NAFTA 2.0

ACCF Urges Inclusion of ISDS in NAFTA 2.0 Investor protections ensure that U.S. companies are treated...

Poorer and richer states shouldn’t be held to the same greenhouse gas standards

A rare coalition of environmental and industry groups as well as lawmakers from both sides...

Rating agencies using green criteria suffer from ‘inherent biases’

The Financial Times
Agencies that judge companies according to their environmental, social and governance metrics suffer from wildly diverging standards and “inherent biases”, according to a report by the American Council for Capital Formation.

Think tank takes ESG rating agencies to task

Pensions & Investments
The American Council for Capital Formation is questioning the ratings process used for ESG investments.

ACCF Scholar Jason Furman says U.S. economy may be growing faster than data shows

ACCF Scholar and Former Council of Economic Advisers Chair Jason Furman of Harvard University discusses...

Why the Investor State Dispute Settlement is critical to NAFTA

The Washington Times
In an ideal world, where the rule of law and fair treatment of any subject is the common theme of legal systems around the world, the Investor State Dispute Settlement could be obsolete as Mr. Trump and Ms. Warren wish. However, the reality and past evidence point to the fact that a strong and binding ISDS is beneficial for any participant to protect one’s investment. In a highly globalized capital market, that not only protects the corporations but also their workers and the private investors who own these assets through various savings vehicles, including through retirement accounts.

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  • New Study Finds Environmental Proxy Fights Are Damaging to Shareholders
    There is a longstanding claim that social and environmental (E&S) shareholder proposals are beneficial for investors. However, a new study found that neither public companies nor their shareholders see financial benefit from a shareholder proposal process that is used to promote a political agenda. Continue reading
    Tim Doyle
  • Investor-State Dispute Settlement is Critical to NAFTA
    The Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) is a critical component of NAFTA that must be preserved to protect over the border investments. There needs to be a binding and credible mechanism with which any dispute can be handled. Continue reading
    Dr. Pinar Cebi Wilber

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