Mark Bloomfield Joins Board of Advisors of Nuclear Tech Startup Curio


WASHINGTON, DC – American Council for Capital Formation President and CEO Mark Bloomfield has joined the Board of Advisors of Curio, a nuclear technology innovation startup to address nuclear waste via recycling, deployment of advanced nuclear reactors and production of needed isotopes for medical and other applications.

Clean nuclear power is at the foundation of their credo, CURIO™ envisions a world where the United States is an energy exporter and a supplier of nuclear energy next-generation radioisotopes and nuclides.  Curio is led by CEO Ed McGinnis, a thirty-year veteran of the U.S. Department of Energy.

“The ACCF has long held that energy supply and economic growth go hand in hand.  The nuclear energy sector stands at a truly transformative time and is receiving good reception on both sides of the aisle on Capitol Hill,” said Bloomfield.  “Curio is well-positioned to help usher in the next era of clean energy to the world and because sound energy policy has long been at the core of ACCF’s mission, I am very pleased to serve on its board of advisors.”

“Curio is very proud to welcome Mark Bloomfield to our advisory board and look forward to greatly benefiting from his deep experience and sage advice.”  Ed McGinnis, President and CEO of Curio.

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For more than four decades, American Council for Capital Formation President and CEO Mark Bloomfield has been a prominent voice in the media on current political and economic issues. On any given day, he may be interviewed on Fox Business Network at sunrise, and again as the market closes on CNBC. CNN noted, he is “well-schooled in the arts of both economics and politics and is one of the most influential figures operating behind the scenes in Congress.” Mark is a frequent contributor to The Wall Street Journal, where he was the subject of The Weekend Interview and whose editorial board nicknamed him “Mr. Capital Gains.” Mark regularly contributes to Fortune and The Hill, Capitol Hill’s leading newspaper.