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ACCF Conversations with Economic Policy Advisors to Clinton and Trump Presidential Campaigns

As a centerpiece of its 2016 Election Project, the ACCF hosted economic advisors to both of the major presidential campaigns along with business leaders, foreign diplomats and leading journalists.

Cash pool issues still abound under Treasury’s final debt-equity tax regs

Published in The Hill

“The regulations turned the debt-equity world on its head in an attempt to address a perceived inversion problem...”

September 2016 Economic Policy Evening

Mark Bloomfield and the American Council for Capital Formation hosted its 225th economic policy salon dinner on Tuesday night, Sept. 27 on the theme...

E&E: Trump seeks ‘practical environmentalism’ in EPA chief

A longtime business associate of Donald Trump has two words for what the 2016 Republican presidential nominee wants in a U.S. EPA administrator.

ACCF Addresses Regulatory Improvement at NCSL

At the National Conference of State Legislatures’ Annual Meeting in Chicago, ACCF Vice President of Policy and General Counsel Tim Doyle participated in a...

Climate is a top campaign issue. Just don’t say ‘Clean Power Plan’

Published in E&E News

George “David” Banks, a former climate adviser under President George W. Bush, said the Clean Power Plan is “probably too much in the weeds.” He said Republicans will be more successful with anecdotes about how government red tape is hurting American businesses and families.

July 2016 Economic Policy Evening

The ACCF devoted its July 2016 salon to a robust discussion on the topic The Implications of Brexit for US Politics and Economic Policy....

June 2016 Economic Policy Evening

The ACCF devoted its June 2016 salon to the continued discussion of Presidential Candidates, Populism & US Economic Policy.

ACCF Convenes Bipartisan Regulatory Improvement Group

The ACCF convened a small bipartisan group on June 22, comprised of a diverse cross-section of organizations, associations, and coalitions to discuss improving the federal regulatory system. Specifically, the focus was on the policy and politics of regulatory improvement efforts at the federal level, similar activities occurring at the state level, and ideas regarding working together to partner with the new Administration and Congress.

10-Year Review of Renewable Fuel Standard Impacts to the Environment, the Economy, and Advanced...

Update By University of Tennessee professor Dr. Daniel De La Torre Ugarte Executive Summary In December 2015, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published its Renewable Fuel Standard...

IRS Data: Strong Markets Bolstered Capital Gains in 2014

Published in Bloomberg BNA

IRS Data: Strong Markets Bolstered Capital Gains in 2014

Published in Bloomberg BNA

May 27 — Net capital gains swelled 34.4 percent in 2014, according to preliminary data from individual tax returns.

May 2016 Economic Policy Evening

The ACCF devoted its May 2016 salon to the discussion of Presidential Candidates, Populism & US Economic Policy.

Tax Day Forum with Ways & Means Chairman Kevin Brady (R-TX)

On April 15th, 2016, the ACCF hosted House Ways & Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady (R-TX) for a discussion with Washington business leaders on The State of Tax Reform.

Nash and Banks: Quality infrastructure requires sound planning

Published in Nikkei Asian Review

Infrastructure is the key to Asia’s future: energy systems to provide consistent, affordable power to factories, sprawling urban centers and flickering countryside villages; better schools to educate children and young adults; wider roads that lead commuters to shiny new office buildings; and better ports to move manufactured goods across borders.

ACCF Forum with Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL)

This is the 10th ACCF presidential election project with a focus on the economic impact of the U.S. election on economic policymaking.