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Natural Gas Can Help Advance Communities of Color

Gas will be key to providing our underserved communities the affordable, reliable energy that they need to heat/cool their homes and power their lives. For many, it can offer a better livelihood as well.

New SEC Proxy Voting Rule Would Strengthen Markets and Investors

While most of the details have now been confirmed, there remains debate over a company’s ability to review and respond to proxy advisors’ reports, as well as the practice of “robo-voting”, where certain investors are automatically following proxy firms’ guidance without doing their own due diligence.

COVID recovery: Production controls, tariffs not the way to help the domestic oil industry

As the world continues to address the unprecedented and formidable health and economic challenges of the coronavirus pandemic, U.S. oil producers, who are major...

Infrastructure spending as an economic stimulus requires a NEPA fix, too

if we as a nation are going to look to infrastructure development as a means to stimulate the economy, we must make sure we address a major impediment to infrastructure spending that has nothing to do with this new viral threat – the outdated National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

ACCF files comments on NEPA with Council on Environmental Quality

Chairman Mary Neumayr Council on Environmental Quality 730 Jackson Place, NW Washington, DC 20503 March 9, 2020 Re: CEQ NEPA Regulations, Docket No. CEQ-2019-0003 Dear Chairman Neumayr: The American Council...