Authors Posts by ACCF Board of Directors Member Richard Rahn

ACCF Board of Directors Member Richard Rahn

Chairman of Improbable Success Productions and Board Member of the American Council for Capital Formation.

High Taxes on the Rich Never Produce Promised Revenue

It is estimated that the U.S. had approximately 834 billionaires last year worth a total of $3.5 trillion — only slightly less than the...

Tariffs, Competitiveness and Prosperity: Trump may not appreciate the dangers of the tariff wars...

For more than two centuries, economists and well-read people have understood that tariffs reduce the levels of competitiveness and prosperity. Adam Smith (1723-1790) explained...

Weighing Whether there are Too Many or Too Few Jobs

Will there be too few or too many jobs in the future? We are told as a result of the artificial intelligence (AI) revolution...

Most everything is better than you think

The Trump administration has been undertaking a massive deregulation effort in order to get rid of regulations that are counterproductive and do not meet reasonable cost-benefit tests. This will reduce the direct regulatory expenses made by government but will cause a far larger reduction in private business and personal expenses made to support regulations.

Trump’s Really Bad Idea

With his steel and aluminum tariff proposals, President Trump seems to have missed some of the trade basics that Adam Smith and David Ricardo taught the world more than two centuries ago.

Cutting tax rates will net greater harvest

Published in Washington Times

There is a free lunch for a government that desires to increase revenues in order to “pay” for more middle-income tax cuts. Reduce the maximum capital gains tax rate to 15 percent and remove the capital gains tax from commodity transactions.

The tax cut America can’t do without

Published in Washington Times

ACCF Board Member Richard Rahn highlights the importance of cutting the corporate tax rate for jobs and economic growth.