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Timothy M. Doyle

Timothy M. Doyle
Timothy M. Doyle is Vice President of Policy and General Counsel at the American Council for Capital Formation. Tim has a diverse policy and legal background in multiple areas including energy, environment, financial services and regulatory issues.

President Obama’s Energy Legacy: Will It Last?

The new administration should focus on encouraging innovation and technological advancements so that we may continue to benefit as a nation from our vast wealth of traditional energy resources, while continuing to steadily reduce the impact on the environment from their production and use.

The Presidential Politics of Energy Policy

Published in Real Clear Energy

Climate change is the new energy policy. President Obama has shifted the nation in recent years away from the abundance of oil and natural gas to cleaner, though more expensive, renewable energy sources.

The Case for Cutting Red Tape

Published in Morning Consult

The growing accumulation of federal rules that increasingly govern every facet of American life is a disturbing trend that holds consequences both for individual liberties and the health of the U.S. economy.

Federal Regulation: Preventing the U.S. From Regaining Energy Independence

A Critique of BLM’s 2012 Proposed Rule on Hydraulic Fracturing