Energy & Climate

Energy & Climate

Trump Administration Offers an Opportunity to Correct Course on Energy Policy

Published in Real Clear Energy

Instead of declaring war on traditional energy resources, the new administration should pursue policies to ensure Americans have access to energy that is abundant, affordable, and with the least environmental impact. Support for advanced research and development can make sure those resources are used in increasingly cleaner and more efficient ways.

ACCF Encourages U.S. House to Support Energy Bill and Improvement of...

ACCF President and CEO Mark Bloomfield issued a letter to House Republicans encouraging them to support passage of the energy bill and language to improve DOE’s process for reviewing LNG export projects.

Congress should take the lead on our nation’s energy policies

Published in The Hill

As the year comes to a close, the debate over LNG exports and modernizing out energy policy is at a tipping point. Before the 114th Congress comes to a close, we encourage lawmakers to reconcile differences and send a final energy bill to the president for signing that includes overdue reforms to the DOE review process for LNG export licenses.

New Survey: Vast Majority of Environmentalists Want RFS Corn Ethanol Mandates...

With Incoming Trump Administration, Reforms to Ethanol Mandates Could Provide Early, Bipartisan Win

Clinton Misses Point of Trump’s Tweet on China’s Climate “Hoax”

Published in Real Clear Energy

Conspiracy theories abound in the world of climate politics.

The Presidential Politics of Energy Policy

Published in Real Clear Energy

Climate change is the new energy policy. President Obama has shifted the nation in recent years away from the abundance of oil and natural gas to cleaner, though more expensive, renewable energy sources.

E&E: Trump seeks ‘practical environmentalism’ in EPA chief

A longtime business associate of Donald Trump has two words for what the 2016 Republican presidential nominee wants in a U.S. EPA administrator.

Why a Price on Carbon Is Unlikely in the U.S. Anytime...

Published in Wall Street Journal

George David Banks cites a number of obstacles, starting with GOP opposition in Congress.

Climate is a top campaign issue. Just don’t say ‘Clean Power...

Published in E&E News

George “David” Banks, a former climate adviser under President George W. Bush, said the Clean Power Plan is “probably too much in the weeds.” He said Republicans will be more successful with anecdotes about how government red tape is hurting American businesses and families.

When shaping tax reform, let’s not single out oil and gas...

Published in The Hill

Certain industries get special attention because of their importance to the U.S. economy. The energy industry is one of them.

Congressional Letter: Carbon tax would harm U.S. industrial competitiveness with no...

In a letter to Senator Roy Blunt (R-MO), ACCF Executive Vice President George David Banks highlights ACCF support for climate mitigation and adaptation, but opposes policies that damage the industrial competitiveness of America and harm our middle class and poor.

“Conservative” folly: How the carbon tax undermines GOP climate policy

Published in The Hill

Most observers would assume that the biggest impediment to creating a comfort zone for the GOP on energy and climate policy would be the climate skeptic or denier, as many far left environmentalists would say. Surprisingly, this isn’t the case.

New Web Video Highlights Ethanol’s Weakened Political Power

Online Advertising Blitz Ahead of Senate EPW Hearing Latest in ACCF’s Sustained Campaign Spotlighting Failed Ethanol Mandate’s Negative Impacts

VIDEO: After Corn Ethanol’s Crushing Defeat, Will Congress Repeal Mandate?

Iowans signaled a clear message this week: Whatever political influence ethanol lobby once had is now gone.

Op-Ed: Liquefied natural gas exports signal a new era of US...

Published in The Hill

The next few months will mark a significant time in the history of America’s complex bond with natural gas.

EPA relies on weak methodology to justify proposed methane regulations

Published in Oil & Gas Journal

On Feb. 18, 2012, The Economist declared: “The home of laissez-faire is being suffocated by excessive and badly written regulations.”